Inductive Automation Careers

Software Engineer

Job Description

Do you have a passion for computers, software, and everything high-tech? We’re hiring! Fast-growing Software Company is looking for IT Information Technology inclined, creative, and highly motivated individuals to join our development team.

The position of Java Software Engineer job functions are primarily related to work involving Inductive Automation Software products. You will be working under the guidance of the senior development team to actively improve the quality and functionality of Ignition, our commercial software product. This includes identifying, troubleshooting, and fixing bugs throughout all facets of the application, identifying and fixing performance issues, as well as the implementation of enhancements and new features. You will be personally responsible for managing the lifecycle of each ticket or project that you’ve been assigned to. You will be encouraged to think creatively, and propose new ideas that go beyond simply fixing bugs.

In development, you will contribute to the future of our product, working with our senior development team to innovate, design, and implement new solutions. You will also be working closely with technical support engineers to help solve customer problems.

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Create user solutions by developing, implementing, and maintaining Java base components and interfaces.
  • Integrates applications by designing database architecture and server scripting; establishing connectivity with network systems, search engines, and information servers.
  • Complete applications development by coordinating requirements, schedules and activities; troubleshooting development and production problems across multiple environments and operating platforms.
  • Designs and develops user interfaces to internet applications by setting expectations and priorities throughout development life cycle; determining methodologies and tool sets; completing programming; designing & conducting tests.
  • Contributes to team meetings; recommends system solutions.
  • Support users by creating documentation & assistance tools.


  • Bachelor Degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or similar
  • 3+ yrs Strong Java experience
  • Java Platform, Standard Edition (Java SE)
  • Java Platform, Enterprise Edition (Java EE)
  • Java Swing familiarity
    (Graphical User Interface design)
  • Python experience
  • Familiarity of Object-Oriented Design
  • Familiarity of Web technologies (HTML5, Javascript, CSS, PHP, jQuery)
  • SQL databases (MS SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, similar)
  • Networking experience and technologies (routers, switches, subnets, vlan, etc)
  • Knowledge of Windows, Linux (Ubuntu) and OSX Platforms
  • Experience with socket/general networking programming (TCP/IP)
  • Excellent interpersonal skills

Skills Not Required, But a Plus

  • Continuous integration build systems and automated testing (Selenium)
  • Experience with Wireshark or network analysis tool
  • Experience with modern development tools (Eclipse) and collaboration technology (revision-control systems)
  • Familiarity with Manufacturing industry
  • Multi-language, Spanish-speaking a plus

Inductive Automation, LLC is an equal opportunity employer, and all qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, religion, color, national origin, sex, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, and status as a protected veteran or individual with a disability.
Verification of US employment eligibility required