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Version: 7.7.2

Alarm Notification

Area Change Type Changelog
Alarm Email Fixed Fixed a bug that prevented SMTP connect and timeout settings from taking effect.
Alarm Designer Added Functionality New Script block in the alarm pipeline system.

Allen-Bradley Drivers

Area Change Type Changelog
MicroLogix/PLC5/SLC Drivers Fixed Fixed issue where words in I and O addresses not being read or written correctly.
Logix v21 Driver Fixed Fixed an EtherNet/IP layer memory leak.
Logix v21 Driver Added Functionality Support for full instance-based addressing in firmware v21+ devices.
Logix v21 Driver Added Functionality Automatic discovery of largest CIP explicit messaging connection size.
Logix v21 Driver Added Functionality Support for CIP LargeForwardOpen service.
Logix v21 Driver Fixed Support for reading UDTs and AOIs containing members without external access enabled.
Logix v21 Driver Fixed Fixes a bug re-establishing subscription after device disconnect/reconnect in certain cases.

Ignition Platform

Area Change Type Changelog
Build Fixed Improved Java 8 install detection on Linux, including Java installations not set as default.
Misc Modified Functionality Updated Java Service Wrapper to version 3.5.25
Gateway Fixed Fixed exception when a repeating schedule is created without required information. Added warning to user.
Gateway Fixed Encryption protocols can now be removed from the default cipher list by adding "-DexcludedCiphers=YOUR_EXCLUDED_CIPHERS" to the ignition.conf file under Java Additional Parameters. Use comma separated list of ciphers to be removed, or SSLv3 to remove all SSLv3 default ciphers.
Gateway Fixed Fixed error when deleting internal user with extra properties.
Designer Fixed Alarm Pipeline .xml exports have been replaced fully by the Global import/export system which correctly retain directory hierarchy.
Designer Added Functionality Cut-copy-paste and drag-and-drop work inside UDT definitions.
Expressions Fixed Expression Language floating point values are now evaluated as Doubles.
Scripting Fixed Error executing tag change script for tag paths that target a property besides 'Value'
SQLTags Fixed Data type for tags exposed through UA is incorrect after server restart, leads to value writes being sent as strings.
Expressions Fixed Expression Language will now correctly parse Long type integer values.
Scripting Fixed Alarm Status binding Datasets are now more familiar data types.
Expressions Added Functionality The bitwise complement (also known as bitwise NOT) operator has been added to the Expression Language and Expression dropdown menu.
Designer Fixed Client tag folders now update on changes.
Client Added Functionality Client will now attempt to use Auto-Login credentials as fallback if authentication fails when attempting to load a Project using script function system.util.retarget().
Gateway Fixed Bug that caused the launch dropdown button to malfunction if the Launching homepage panel was set to start collapsed.
Designer Fixed Import icon in the File menu now matches other import icons.
Designer Added Functionality Tags can now be exported/imported by right clicking in the Tag Browser.
Misc Fixed system.device.addDevice script function will properly notify client/gateway users when trying to add a device name that already exists.
Expressions Added Functionality The Expression Language dropdown menus now display bitwise operators.
Gateway Fixed Error logging has been improved in unique Gateway shutdown circumstances where a default occurs.
Expressions Fixed Stack overflow when a binding refers to itself.
Scripting Added Functionality Added project name to timer script error messages
SQLTags Fixed UDT parameters can now be used to set the format string and engineering unit properties.
Designer Fixed A tag with no name in the internal database can cause the designer tag tree to do into a loading loop.
SQLTags Fixed "Evaluate On Change" historical scan class is not set on import
SQLTags Fixed Error modifying system name on a db connection that wasn't initialized for history.
Gateway Web Interface Fixed Link to Module Marketplace from Gateway Web Interface Modules page now correctly resolves to http://marketplace.inductiveautomation.com.
Designer Fixed Importing previously exported Tags which contain XML markup characters in scripts will no longer error.
Designer Fixed Buttons are now properly rendered when "No Border" is selected and high RGB values are used as background color.
Designer Fixed Tag editor now uses number format from tag metadata for float4 and float8.
SQLTags Fixed Default system name not resolved correctly for data density queries on easy chart.
Alarming Fixed Alarm shelving function not working correctly for some subsequent alarms.
SQLTags Fixed Tag history max time between records not respected if history scan class is equal to realtime
SQLTags Fixed Scan class, historical scan class, and history provider tag properties can now use UDT parameters.
SQLTags Fixed Unhelpful error when querying tag history against database that doesn't have history enabled.
Gateway Fixed Composite schedules now correctly show active/inactive when their component schedules are edited.
Designer Fixed Unexpected null value for string parameter after XML export/import.
SQLTags Fixed Bulk edit of group items data type does not change all the data types
Alarming Fixed Legacy "any change" alerts upgraded in a way that isn't compatible with most databases
SQLTags Fixed CSV tag import with udt overrides can result in incorrect tag type.
SQLTags Fixed Overridden values not included in tag export for composite types, when type definition is not in the root directory.
Client Fixed User Management component handles bad format strings more gracefully.
Native Client Launchers Added Functionality Modified Windows client launchers to be able to use a JRE that is added to the machine by unzipping a JRE installation from another machine. See the User Manual for more details.
Scripting Fixed The JSON encode/decode methods turned floating point values that ended in .0 into integers.
SQLTags Fixed Tag engineering limts are calcualted off of raw values not on scaled values, preventing valid writes from occurring.
Scripting Fixed Default timeout for system.tag.writeAllSynchronous() corrected to 45 seconds.
SQLTags Added Functionality New gateway system tags for scan class execution statistics.
SQLTags Added Functionality New "minimum" and "maximum" tag history aggregation modes.
SQLTags Fixed InstanceName built in UDT parameter not correct under folders
Native Client Launchers Added Functionality Gateways can now be designated as favorites within the native launchers. The Gateway Configuration screen can be set to filter out non-favorite Gateways.
SQLTags Fixed Disabling nested UDTs does not disable sub tags.
Designer Fixed Numbers present in tag export files are not parsed according to the same locale rules that are used to export them. Therefore, an exported file that is immediately imported can result in incorrect numbers. All tag export files are now parsed according to English locale rules, unless a marker is present in the file indicating that a different locale should be used.
Designer Added Functionality Schedule Management component now lists composite schedules as well as standard schedules.
Designer Fixed Fixed "Save & Exit" button not saving.
Gateway Fixed Active Directory user sources with many users loaded role names incorrectly due to paging results.
Designer Fixed When using a Language Selector Component in a project, calling systme.util.setLocale() with a regional variant does not work as expected.
Gateway Fixed Fixed logic for checking if a composite schedule is currently active.
Alarming Fixed Holidays now correctly propagate changes to schedules.
Designer Fixed Component level translations not being saved correctly on windows.
Alarming Fixed IsAlarmActive expression function returns bad quality when target tag/alarm is shelved
Alarming Fixed Unable to reference associated data in alarm property bindings, properties are always replaced with "null".
Alarming Added Functionality Added system.alarm.cancel(UUID)
Misc Fixed Equipment Schedule extension functions added to user manual.
User Manual Fixed Added composite schedules to documentation.


Area Change Type Changelog
UI Fixed More gracefully prevented the use of system.file.openFile from a mobile client


Area Change Type Changelog
General Fixed Production model status reporting the incorrect analysis datasource name.
General Fixed Oracle DB generates error on MESObjectLink table stating that null is not allowed in table field.
General Fixed gateway becomes un-responsive after a save/publish of production model
OEE/Downtime Fixed ProductionHistoryBinding could not be used in line chart with minute resolution.
OEE/Downtime Added Script function (updateLineProductCodeProperty) to allow updating of a product code line property.
OEE/Downtime Fixed Primary infeed and outfeed selector now allows selecting <None> and will also display the name of the primary even if it is no longer defined.
OEE/Downtime Added Translation entry to downtime reason code editing
OEE/Downtime Added Translation support to the downtime reasons in the downtime reason table component
OEE/Downtime Added Run Identifier filter to downtime analysis provider.
OEE/Downtime Improved Remote operator reason code will allow selection of any reason regardless of the Operator Selectable setting
OEE/Downtime Fixed Production history binding function data causing error in bar chart
Track and Trace Added MES script loadMESObjectByEquipmentPath()
Analysis Added Analysis selector property to allow times to be used, instead of defaulting to midnight.
Analysis Added script function ClearAnalysisCache. Allows clearing of cache if the data is edited directly.
Analysis Fixed TEEP analysis provider not always using the correct package count when calculating.
Recipe Fixed When creating a recipe, the recipe name is not validated as in rename recipe.
Recipe Added localization to recipe components. Recipe tree view and recipe editor table now handles localization correct.
Recipe Fixed RecipeEditorTable not display the recipe items in the same order as the configuration (alphabetical).
Recipe Fixed Recipe editor table allows bad values to be entered in manually.
Recipe Fixed Recipe editor table resets entered manual value while editing if live value timer update executes.
Recipe Added Recipe value name filter to PMIRecipeEditorTable.
Recipe Fixed Recipe reports variance exists even though variance tracking is disabled.
Recipe Fixed Recipes (if applicable) not automatically being selected when a OEE run was started.
Schedule Improved Scheduled vs actual binding function will now display runs that do not have an associated schedule (manual run).
Schedule Fixed Schedule view component now displays the note field for any scheduled events (not just work orders).
Schedule Added Line Schedule View property Event Text Color. Allows setting the event text color.
Schedule Fixed PMILineScheduleSelector line schedule only displays work orders, maintenance or other schedule items not selectable.
Schedule Added Schedule vs Actual binding function (used by Analysis Time Chart) allows realtime view with look back minutes properties.
Quality/SPC Fixed Manual sample data entry causes general error if data type entered is wrong type.
Quality/SPC Fixed Control chart date format property does not affect date format in table.
Quality/SPC Added Control chart property to show an icon that can be clicked to show the control limits editor.
Quality/SPC Added Sample entry component localization for attribute values.
Quality/SPC Added Sample entry component check if all required fields are entered.
Quality/SPC Added Sample entry component localizable error messages.
Quality/SPC Added Control chart highlights in table for signals and control limits
Quality/SPC Added Control chart icon to select control limit editing.
Quality/SPC Fixed MedianCalculator: calc() median value was not being assigned correctly.
Quality/SPC Fixed SQL Tag collectors with the same name in different locations not saving correct.
Web Services Fixed Web service call with body object fails in gateway call, works in client call.
Web Services Added Authentication for HTTP Basic and WS-Security
Web Services Fixed Error generated when right clicking on web service configuration or listener.


Area Change Type Changelog
Driver API Fixed Fix bug that caused meta tags (Is Connected, Connection State) to be bad quality if the driver was not connected.

SQL Bridge

Area Change Type Changelog
Gateway Fixed Tag reference aliases not working for trigger setting if source tag is not located in the tag provider root.
Designer Fixed Can not change group item data type from edit window.
Gateway Fixed Transaction group tag limits aren't calculated correct for Block Groups.
Designer Fixed Error when dropping illegal items, such as opc tags, onto transaction group project resource tree nodes.
Designer Fixed Tag alarm properties do not update when an alarm is shelved.
Gateway Fixed Cryptic error in stored procedure group with bad param name when using mysql.
Designer Fixed Driven scan class with zero slow rate not working with historian, data continues to log.


Area Change Type Changelog
Designer Added Functionality Tags can now be dragged from OPC Browser into UDT editor
Designer Fixed Tag History Binding fields have been updated to give better feedback when entering Date bindings, intervals and fixed sample sizes.
Components Fixed Fixed issue where Bar Chart was using too much CPU while idle.
Components Fixed Alarm Journal Table filter descriptions for Event ID and Event Path on the have been corrected to match proper selection.
Designer Fixed Template instances did not correctly apply layout options to their interior components in the Designer.
Components Fixed Bar chart now logs a warning instead of posting an error box when the dataset doesn't have enough columns.
Components Added Functionality New "Template Canvas" component allows for dynamic instantiation of templates at runtime.
Components Added Functionality The Power Table now has Table Customizer option to Wrap Text that can be applied to columns.
Components Fixed Fixed bad date format strings for the date range component.
Misc Fixed system.nav.swapWindow() now correctly adds to list of previously open windows.
Components Fixed Power Table column selection now matches underlying dataset. No longer throws an error when selection is out of range.
Components Added Functionality Added option for anti-aliased fonts for most components.
Components Fixed Fixed layout for comments panel with long filenames
Components Fixed Error in Dropdown list component when selecting null from database.
Components Fixed Removed non-functional date step size property from Date Spinner.
Components Fixed Rotated labels with background would draw bad buffer artifacts.
Client Fixed IP Camera component now has a "Camera Buffer Size" Expert Property available in the properties panel.
Client Fixed DateRange component now correctly fires selection change on window open if automatic selection property is chosen.
Components Added Functionality Table component column widths now save automatically.
Components Fixed Fixed the equipment schedule view's broken "onEventClicked" extension function
Components Added Functionality Table headers are now translatable for regular and power tables.
Client Fixed Improved performance of expression bindings bound to client tags that fired too many times on startup.
Components Fixed Fixed NullPointerException in UserManagementPanel if gateway communication fails.
Components Added Functionality Added "onBackgroundDragged" extension function to the equipment schedule view component.
Components Fixed Composite schedules that overlap now show the correct time range in the User Management component.
Components Fixed Fixed error when first column of bar chart wasn't of type String
Components Added Functionality Added filterSchedule() extension function to the User Management component.
Client Added Functionality Cached window loads no longer re-load their templates, improving the performance of swapping between windows.
Components Added Functionality The User Management component now shows holidays when viewing the schedule.
Designer Added Functionality Added right-click close options onto the tabs for the window workspace.
Components Fixed Improved locale-sensitive time display for schedules in User Management and Schedule Management components.
Components Fixed Fixed ability to delete schedules from the Schedule Management component.
Components Fixed User detail in User Management component now shows composite schedules.
Components Fixed Fixed Filter tooltip in Alarm Journal component.