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Version: 7.8.5

DNP3 Driver

Area Change Type Changelog
Driver Fixed Now using the default outstation conformance level if an exception occurs during the level read on startup.
Driver Fixed The Aliased Points Map record has been expanded to accommodate 16mb of data.
Driver Fixed Fixed "Fragment timer expired" error from appearing when subscribing to tags


Area Change Type Changelog
GEM/SECS Added Functionality Substantial overhaul of the module removes the new messages table and <prefix>realtimemessages tables. See the user manual for changes to the system.secsgem.sendRequest() and getResponse() functions.

IALabs Modules

Area Change Type Changelog
WebDev Fixed Fix ClassNotFoundException: org.apache.xerces.parsers.SAXParse when using XML-related libraries from scripting functions.

Ignition Platform

Area Change Type Changelog
Designer Fixed Fixed issue where copying/pasting custom properties could link the property values together
Gateway Network Fixed If the last message in a queue is invalid, and has not been removed yet when the "take" message is called, the queue can block forever. This will have many repercussions, and can dramatically affect a system until reboot or the connection is reset.
Gateway Fixed The self-signed SSL certificate for the Gateway is no longer expired. The certificate is now automatically generated for every new build, and expires 10 years after the build date.
Native Client Launchers Fixed Native launchers would use incorrect redundant backup Gateway address when used to launch against multiple redundant pairs.
Gateway Network Added Functionality Added a Gateway Network Diagnostics page which calls a service on a remote Gateway and reports the time to receive a result. Useful for troubleshooting service timeouts across the Gateway Network.
Designer Fixed Rollback dialog now sorts better.
Scripting Fixed Message Handler script editors in the Designer no longer show offset line numbers.
Alarming Fixed Legacy alert storage occurs on the same thread as tag execution, causing performance issue on startup, where many alerts may be generated.
Gateway Fixed Errors modifying Tag UDTs after upgrading a system from before 7.5 directly to 7.8.2 or later.
SQLTags Fixed Potential deadlock in expression tag that uses polling function, when referenced from a different expression function executed by scan class.
SQLTags Fixed Editor to "persist value between edits" on expression and query tags was not correctly initializing its value from the tag.
SQLTags Fixed Increased the maximum number of characters allowed for string values in TagPropertyRecord to 200 million.
Designer Fixed Tag History bindings no longer have Calculations as return option in dropdown.
Gateway Fixed AD/Database Hybrid user source no longer throws NPE if roles query is not specified.
Gateway Fixed Fixed property name for limit syntax in DB Translator configuration.
SQLTags Fixed Slow scan class executions can cause execution queue to stack, resulting in unexpected executions if the delay is removed.
Gateway Web Interface Fixed Fixed link for MySQL extra connection properties
Designer Fixed The Popup Calendar component now closes after a date selection when the Ok button is disabled.
Installer Fixed Fixed issues with starting up a Gateway in Turkish locale.
Alarming Fixed An alarm set to use an active delay along with a binding on enabled can enter a state where an active transition will be missed.
Client Fixed Native Client Launcher now works with characters outside of 8-bit ASCII in the file path.
Alarming Fixed System/Gateway/SessionCount tag datatype incorrectly set to string, causes alarms on tag to not work.
SQLTags Fixed Error while exporting dataset tags with a color columns
Native Client Launchers Fixed Copyright statements in Native Client Launcher are no longer editable.
Designer Fixed Designer would not respond to clicking on a workspace in the nav tree after using Alt-Tab on Windows.
EAM Fixed After Gateway Network connection loss and reconnection, metro service timeouts would appear in the console every minute until the connection is manually reset.
EAM Fixed EAM Agent Setup wizard would not list a server as a selectable controller if it was on the other side of a proxy Gateway Network connection.
EAM Fixed EAM Agent Events are marked as "initial events" on first occurence, blocking notification through pipelines with default gateway settings. Should not be marked this way, because they are actual observed events, not the "inital" state.
EAM Fixed Gateway Status page could not be immediately opened if the EAM controller could not be reached over the Gateway Network.
EAM Fixed EAM tasks would time out if the task took longer than 60 seconds to run. The task timeout is now set to 60 minutes.
Alarm Designer Fixed Auto and Unused ack modes, and system ack'd events, don't behave consistently in the alarm journal, and in the alarm journal query
Alarm SMS Fixed Updated "Throttled Message" to "Consolidated Message"


Area Change Type Changelog
Misc Fixed Fixed mobile module toolbar placement issue when the browser size is nearly square
Backend Fixed Fixed mouse event handling for shapes in the mobile module


Area Change Type Changelog
Client Fixed Implemented 'Backup Host Override' setting to allow gateways in the redundant backup role to specify an OPC-UA host override.
Ignition Integration Fixed Fixed NullPointerException when receiving a null timestamp value in the exposed tags driver.


Area Change Type Changelog
Report Designer Fixed Fixed bold and italic buttons in Text Area property configuration area.
Report Designer Fixed Improved the way reports handle fonts where not all styles are installed.
Report Designer Fixed Reports now listen for project rollbacks
Report Designer Fixed Changes in bar chart properties now reflected in config panel.
Components Fixed Report Viewer component now saves as HTML correctly.
Report Designer Fixed Table group shows correct sorting options after save.
Components Fixed Fixed NPE in Designer when changing the Style property of a simple table.
Report Designer Fixed Data panel now warns when using 'Report' for a data source or parameter name.
Report Designer Fixed Line shape now hides height and width because they are not intuitive.


Area Change Type Changelog
Engine Fixed Error using user defined objects in SFC chart scope (stack overflow when viewing status)
Designer Fixed SFC nodes with invalid names are no longer saved.
Engine Fixed Made chart.abortCause accessible from onAbort scripts in SFCs.

Siemens Drivers

Area Change Type Changelog
Siemens S7 Driver Fixed Fix an error writing values > 127 to Byte types

SQL Bridge

Area Change Type Changelog
Misc Fixed Key/Value pair update mode on transaction group with "insert missing value" option can fail on linux databases due to incorrect use of the column quote character.
Misc Fixed XML export does not work for groups with Key/Value binding in the table settings.

Tag Historian

Area Change Type Changelog
Querying Added Functionality SimpleTagProvider API now allows configuring additional properties on tags.
Storage Fixed Cast exception attempting to store tag history on analog mode, floating point array tag
Querying Fixed Tag history aggregation functions results are tied to tag data type, values that should be doubles are returned as integers for integer tags (such as Percentage Good)


Area Change Type Changelog
Components Fixed Tag Browse Tree fires property change twice for selected path
Designer Fixed No longer throwing a NotSerializableException on the copy/paste of a Tag History binding in the Designer.
Components Added Functionality The time spinners no longer close the Popup Calendar component on value change when the Ok button is disabled.
Components Fixed Shape components now serialize custom functions on project save/open.
Designer Fixed Tag Change Scripts tag paths are case sensitive.
Components Fixed The Dropdown List component now gains focus when editable.