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Version: 7.9.1

Ignition Platform

Area Change Type Changelog
Build Fixed The main installation folder and the /lib folder on Linux installations are no longer owned by root, but are instead owned by the selected user during installation and upgrade.
Scripting Fixed Tag change scripts no longer throw an AttributeError when the shared script they reference is edited.
Scripting Added Functionality Added system.date.parse()
Misc Fixed Added MDC keys to Store & Forward loggers
Gateway Network Fixed "Subscribed" mode for alarm status on remote tag providers can stack alarm listeners, leading to higher network usage over time.
Gateway Fixed Potentially high lock contention in static loggers, even when MDC information was not being set.
Gateway Fixed Created exception for Oracle so that table listing only shows tables in current user's schema
Designer Fixed Fixed issue that could leave a resource stranded if it was in a subfolder that had never been published.
Gateway Web Interface Fixed Store and Forward quarantine export function failed to provide a downloadable file.
Gateway Web Interface Fixed Occasional "Database is locked" errors while viewing the performance page in Gateway Status.
Gateway Web Interface Fixed Fixed NPE on GAN status page
Scripting Fixed Preventing the ability to overwrite the "system" function namespace globally through scripting.
Gateway Web Interface Fixed Fixed bullet styling in the Store and Forward edit page.
Gateway Web Interface Fixed Internal Gateway errors when navigating with web browse back button when configuring objects with multi-step wizards in the gateway config section.
Gateway Fixed Existing users get a password date of now when upgrading from a version of ignition that didn't have password expiration available.
Expressions Fixed Inconsistency with the use of quality in logic expressions. Expressions with bad quality references that should not affect the logical result have bad quality returned inconsistently (that is, Bad||True != True||Bad)
Gateway Web Interface Added Functionality Link from tag providers config pages to tags status page
Gateway Fixed User receives an error warning when trying to copy a project onto itself.
Gateway Web Interface Added Functionality Added pagination to the OPC Servers subscription details status page.
Gateway Fixed Error in internal db conversion while upgrading from 7.2-7.4 to 7.9
Designer Added Functionality Added onDeleteUser to User Management component.
Designer Fixed Security zones in tag editor now update properly.
Gateway Web Interface Fixed Fixed button UI error when canceling an active query on the Database Details status page.
SQLTags Fixed Error received when copying/pasting UDT instances in some cases.
Scripting Fixed "Natural" return mode in tag history queries with bad tag paths can result in temporary high cpu and memory usage.
Designer Fixed Fixed issue that prevented deleted resources from being removed from the published version of a project
Designer Fixed Fixed issue that could cause old versions of a resource to load in the client
Gateway Web Interface Fixed Offline gateways can now unactivate using the offline un-activation flow.
Scripting Fixed Added return value in system.gui.openDesktop scripting hints.
Alarm SMS Added Functionality Acknowledge message for SMS notification blocks now customizable.
Alarm Email Added Functionality Added an option to acknowledge alarms via email using POP3
Alarm Email Fixed Alarm email profile now picks up changes to SMTP profile.
EAM Fixed Incorrect display layout (name/values) on EAM agent license details page
EAM Fixed Send Project task setup wizard could not retrieve projects when the project source Gateway is a redundant pair.
WebDev Fixed Fixed issue that kept pasted resources locked in a designer session


Area Change Type Changelog
Misc Fixed Fixed a bug that caused the wrong StatusCode to be displayed in log messages.
Client Fixed Fix a bug that caused some nodes to show up more than once when browsing.
Client Fixed Added support for reading/subscribing to ByteString type.
Client Fixed Fixed bug that caused max operations per request to be exceeded during large browses against servers with a low max operations limit.


Area Change Type Changelog
Report Designer Fixed Fixed binding fonts to parameters
Report Designer Fixed Fixed issue where a report design could become overwritten with the design of another report if the sample data takes some time to load
Report Designer Added Functionality Added ability to bind number and date formats and fixed other bindings in text shapes
Report Designer Fixed Tag properties now work in report parameters
Components Fixed Chart Config scripts now work in the client.
Report Designer Fixed Reports with bad schedules are now more user friendly in status page and designer

SQL Bridge

Area Change Type Changelog
Misc Fixed Errors occur when writing to OPC items in block transaction groups, such as through db-to-opc mode.
Designer Fixed Transaction groups "Status" icons and "Events" doesn't update appropriately in designer for error conditions in 7.9
Designer Fixed Potential error when dragging folders from Tag Browser into Transaction Group

Tag Historian

Area Change Type Changelog
Storage Fixed Tag history storage doesn't handle db faults and changes well. Now re-initializes when db connection goes from faulted to good.
Storage Fixed Pre-processed tag history system incorrectly trying to use regular data table, resulting in "unknown column 'vtype'" error

User Manual

Area Change Type Changelog
User Manual Fixed Offline user manual no longer missing some sections.


Area Change Type Changelog
Client Added Functionality Added new user source that allows local client fallback setups to use cached credentials from remote gateways.
Components Fixed Added the table component's tool tip property back