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Version: 7.9.2

Allen-Bradley Driver

Area Change Type Changelog
Logix v21 Driver Fixed Fixed a bug that caused some structures to show up as an empty folder when browsed.
Logix v21 Driver Fixed Preventing RejectedExecutionException on Logix driver restart.

Ignition Platform

Area Change Type Changelog
Installers Fixed For Linux/OSX, installer now installs jre-tmp folder (required for Edge) in correct folder if using non-default install directory.
Gateway Fixed Gateway no longer generates an unusually large SQLite config.idb file on system startup. Gateway .gwbk backup files are now compacted as they are generated.
Gateway Web Interface Fixed Fixed NPE in empty optional AD/DB hybrid queries
Scripting Fixed Tag event scripts would use outdated module scripting functions after a module with updated function implementations was installed.
Designer Fixed Invalid characters in imported resource names are stripped out.
Designer Fixed Translation imports now handle regional variants correctly
Scripting Fixed system.tag.queryTagCalculations function error when data types are mixed across requested tags.
SQLTags Fixed Inconsistencies with path interpretation causing confusion with tag history and issues with remote historian providers.
Gateway Web Interface Fixed Fixed AD logger's MissingFormatArgumentException
Designer Fixed UDT bindings that define their type without a specific provider, such as "CustomType", will accept dropped bindings from any tag provider, local or remote.
Gateway Network Fixed Subscription validation for multiple remote tag providers on one gateway was failing to check all providers, resulting in potentially stale tag values after disconnect or other unexpected event.
SQLTags Fixed UDT definitions and UDT instance definitions no longer count towards tag limit restrictions.
Misc Fixed Guarding against a ConcurrentModificationException while viewing expensive queries on the database status page
SQLTags Fixed Modified locking in key/value log filter system to improve overall system performance.
SQLTags Added Functionality Option on internal tag provider to keep all properties of a tag resident in memory, in order to improve performance when frequent reads of non-basic properties are required.
Designer Fixed Complex property types (UDT bindings) were loading all sub nodes of the editor tree, resulting in significant performance issues on systems with many tag providers, many UDT types, or remote providers.
Gateway Fixed Alarm Status "Allow Ack" checkbox setting under Remote Service Security was not being checked, allowing a remote Gateway to always acknowledge alarms over the Gateway Network.
Gateway Web Interface Fixed Handling non-faulted states on the Gateway Database status details page.
Gateway Fixed Alarm Notification "Accessible Pipeline Filter" setting under Remote Service Security was not restricting alarm notification pipelines. Note that if this setting is left blank, all notification pipelines will be available to remote Gateways.
Gateway Web Interface Fixed Links & Loading animation is no longer displayed for non-existent TCP Driver status page.
Gateway Fixed The Connected Devices gauge on the Device Status page should now take into account devices with numerous connections.
Gateway Web Interface Fixed Fixed typo in SFC Transition tooltip.
Designer Fixed Improved module dependency checking for Ignition Designer.
Designer Modified Functionality Improved rollback workflow to avoid unneeded project saves.
Designer Fixed Fixed system.gui.transform calls for use in mouseDragged events.
Gateway Fixed Tag details status page now shows correct data
SQLTags Fixed Subscriptions to gateway system tags that are made before the tags are created (such as through expressions, or as the driving tag of a scan class) break the tags, causing them to not work and appear as folders.
Gateway Fixed New voice modules no longer get moved to quarantine on start up.
Gateway Fixed Fixed issue that could cause publishing resources in a certain order to not trigger an update of the client.
Gateway Fixed Prevent datasource connection timeouts when attempting to retrieve the connection during a reconnecting state.
SQLTags Fixed Overridden values of array tags in UDTs aren't loaded correctly in subsequent tag loads.
Native Client Launchers Fixed Windows native client launchers were unable to use a JRE in a /jre folder next to clientlauncher.exe.
Designer Fixed Fixed grammar in tip of the day
SQLTags Fixed Tag script error status doesn't update from bad to good when script is edited and fixed.
Gateway Web Interface Fixed Replaced Gateway feedback panel warn/error colored backgrounds.
Misc Fixed Renaming a datasource will update the corresponding historian name, regardless of case.
Designer Fixed Changing the case of a folder name in under Data Types can cause the folder to disappear until the tag provider or gateway is restarted.
SQLTags Fixed Tag limit licenses now handle deleting folders correctly.
SQLTags Fixed UDT definitions not updating correctly over remote providers, changes in source do not reliably get reflected in the remote provider.
Gateway Fixed Removed unnecessary query warning from AD/DB Hybrid user source.
Expressions Fixed No longer attempting to expand tag values of type Dataset.
Gateway Web Interface Fixed CPU and memory charts on System Performance status page never updated unless the browser window was refreshed. Now the charts automatically update once per minute.
Gateway Fixed Improved browser interoperability for log configuration dropdown.
SQLTags Fixed String tags do not expose status properties about alarms.
Gateway Web Interface Fixed Menu auto-refreshes if modules are added/removed.
Gateway Web Interface Fixed Fixed EAM config menu bug.
SQLTags Added Functionality Tag Diagnostic feature does not work on gateway status tags.
Native Client Launchers Added Functionality Local fallback Gateway option has now been added to native launchers. The configured local fallback Gateway is used if the configured primary/backup Gateways cannot be contacted after a specified number of connect attempts.
Gateway Network Fixed Upon Gateway Network disconnect and reconnect, remote tag providers would throw a TimeoutExpiredException and would not recover.
Gateway Network Fixed A Gateway Network outgoing web socket that failed to connect would not close its socket file handle on Linux systems, which could result in file handle exhaustion over a long period of time.
Gateway Network Fixed Gateway Network outgoing connections in long polling mode (websockets turned off) was not displaying the round trip ping time.
Gateway Network Fixed The logging min level dropdown would not update to the selected level on some pages.
EAM Added Functionality EAM Backup Archive table's 'module' column now hides module list by default to reduce clutter.
EAM Added Functionality Remote system upgrade functionality is now available for EAM agent Gateways. This functionality is only available for agents currently running 7.9.
Alarm SMS Fixed Fixed a parse error in the Twilio notification profile when using throttled messages.

Modbus Driver

Area Change Type Changelog
Modbus Driver v2 Fixed Limiting the warnings given by drivers that are rescheduling subscriptions.
Modbus Driver v2 Added Functionality Added 'Max Retry Count' setting.


Area Change Type Changelog
Client Fixed Revert the behavior of zero-rate subscriptions: the subscription and its monitored items will be deleted instead of publishing mode and monitoring mode being set to disabled.
Server Fixed Writing null to OPC-UA logs misleading/unnecessary NPE warning
Ignition Integration Added Functionality Added system.device.getDeviceHostname scripting function


Area Change Type Changelog
Report Designer Fixed Shared scripts now work in runScript expressions in reports.
Report Engine Fixed Fixed error where some reports had problems serializing schedules.
Report Designer Fixed Importing and exporting reports now show the folder structure of the resource.
Report Designer Fixed Fixed incorrect schedule descriptions.
Components Fixed Show Utility prop for PDF Viewer now works when window is opened.
Report Designer Fixed Designer project tree rejects invalid names, gives better error message, allows unicode characters in most names.


Area Change Type Changelog
Misc Added Functionality New getVariables() scripting functions for getting SFC chart scope.
Engine Fixed Race condition in tag() expression function can leave SFC transitions that use the function in a "false" state indefinitely
Engine Added Functionality Added SFC Flight Data Recorder

Siemens Drivers

Area Change Type Changelog
Siemens S7 Driver Fixed fixed a bug that caused writes to unsigned bytes to be restricted to the range of a signed byte.

Tag Historian

Area Change Type Changelog
Misc Fixed Tag Historian module now has a minimum required platform version of 7.9.1


Area Change Type Changelog
Components Fixed Fixed typo in tooltip of selected property for Toggle Button component.
Components Fixed Fixed race condition that could cause NPE in console when using the Template Canvas component.
Client Fixed Local client fallback would sometimes accidentally trigger when a client was switching between a redundant master and a backup.
Client Fixed Cell update bindings were not working when used with template dataset parameter values.
Designer Fixed Stopped the Designer from staying in Preview Mode when a chart component throws an exception due to improper setup.
Components Fixed Prevent User Management component from displaying password errors when adding a new user to AD/DB Hybrid user sources.
Designer Fixed Publish selected dialog now updates correctly when a new project is opened.
Misc Added Functionality Added script function system.gui.getCurrentDesktop.
Components Fixed All Days time now saves when changed in Schedule Management component.