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Version: 7.9.3

Ignition Platform

Area Change Type Changelog
Gateway Fixed "+" character in OPC connection name no longer logs errors in regards to system status tags.
Client Added Functionality New Easy Chart option to track mouse movement automatically in X-trace mode.
Client Fixed Screens with many UDT bindings slower to load in 7.9.2.
Gateway Fixed Regression issue introduced by 7.9.2: Historical tag paths that query through the realtime provider in the format "[realtimeprov]tag" no longer return data, the provider is always assumed to be a historical provider.
Gateway Network Fixed Potentially blockage in the remote tag system on the consuming gateway when using many remote providers. Incoming values can block other operation results, causing timeouts to occur before recovering.
Alarming Modified Functionality Performance improvements in the gateway handling of alarm status queries.
Designer Fixed Upgrading to 7.9.2 and above will no longer crash an open Designer when looking for the platform edition.
Designer Fixed No longer able to drag and drop parent folders onto children in the Designer project resource tree.


Area Change Type Changelog
Engine Fixed A step that is cancelled before fully activated can get stuck in the "cancelling" state forever.


Area Change Type Changelog
Designer Fixed Importing shared/project script module functions directly into the current namespace will update after a project save.
Components Fixed Very gradual memory leak in client charts triggered by high data density compared to chart size.
Designer Fixed Dataset tags unsupported by OPC-UA Server "expose tags" feature, leads to heavy error logging.