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Version: 7.9.4

Allen-Bradley Driver

Area Change Type Changelog
Logix v21 Driver Fixed Fix bug that could cause ArrayIndexOutOfBounds in ReadArrayTagsRequest.
Logix v21 Driver Fixed Fix bug that caused structures at the root level of a program to be read less efficiently.

DNP3 Driver

Area Change Type Changelog
Driver Fixed Raised the DNP3 shutdown timeout to 10 seconds.
Driver Fixed DNP3 point's offline status reflects in tag quality.

Ignition Platform

Area Change Type Changelog
Gateway Web Interface Fixed Warnings logged when going to the homepage when an OEM lock license is installed.
Alarming Fixed Provider filter on alarm status table is not being applied correctly on remote tag providers, can result in no alarms returned.
Gateway Network Fixed Remote providers, subscribed alarms, not working for multiple providers with same target provider name (introduced in 7.9.4 beta)
SQLTags Fixed ClassCastException with browseConfiguration after importing tags with UDT value overrides.
Named Queries Fixed Fixed named query caching in client
Designer Added Functionality Polling for query bindings is now off by default.
Gateway Network Fixed Based on timing, remote tag provider alarm subscriptions can fail to establish with repeated errors "Failure code received from remote alarm subscription"
Scripting Fixed Fixed roles after first role not matching security settings.
Scripting Added Functionality Added message handling zone-role security settings for gateway handlers
Named Queries Fixed Fixed named query binding conversions where folders are created.
SQLTags Fixed UDT parameter references in alarms are incorrectly replaced in memory when instances are created, potentially leading to incorrect instance creation (issue introduced in 7.9.4 beta)
Scripting Added Functionality Added support for dynamic rosters calculated from scripts in notification blocks
Gateway Web Interface Fixed Fixed a case where navigating to the gateway home page could execute any inline JavaScript contained in a project's description field
Named Queries Fixed Fixed an issue where Named Queries weren't enforcing unique parameter names in a case-insensitive manner
Named Queries Fixed Fixed entry of parameter values for named query bindings.
Named Queries Fixed Fixed a minor issue where users couldn't manually enter parameter references or tag paths into the parameter table for a Named Query binding.
Named Queries Fixed Fixed an issue where Named Query parameter values would clear on focus loss or double-click
Gateway Web Interface Fixed Improved performance of thread captures when viewing gateway thread viewer diagnostics page.
Named Queries Added Functionality Fixed minor issue where disabled icon for a Named Query resource in the Project Browser would take precedence over the editing (pencil) icon. Editing icon now displays any time a Named Query is open in the designer.
Gateway Fixed Project change record pruning was executing on master and backup gateways, causing potential "BrokenOptimisticLockException" based on timing of cleanup
Gateway Fixed Fixed inefficiency in loading project resources from the internal database that was causing delays during system startup.
Gateway Network Fixed Gateway Network security settings for new connections now use SSL by default. In addition, new incoming connections must now be approved through the Gateway web interface. These security settings can be disabled if needed.
Gateway Fixed Gateway javascript resources now have a MIME header.
Gateway Network Fixed The EAM backup task is now back to the same completion speed that it was before 7.9.3.
Designer Fixed Fixed issue where Database Query Browser and Named Query Testing results were not properly displaying nulls
Named Queries Fixed Fixed a ClassCastException when attempting to edit boolean values in the Named Query Testing panel.
Client Fixed Fixed display of failed roster additions and deletions for roster management component.
Named Queries Fixed Value parameters correctly prepend a colon when dragged on to query.
Designer Fixed Polling rate for existing queries no longer changes to "none" on upgrade.
Named Queries Fixed Fixed NullPointerException that was occurring if a user tried creating additional Named Query resources after a Named Query resource threw a SerializationException on open.
SQLTags Fixed Derived tags do not function correctly in leased scan classes, fail to initialize with null message.
Named Queries Fixed QueryStrings in Named Queries now retain data type
Named Queries Modified Functionality Named Query 'Parameter' parameters are now named 'values' for readability.
Scripting Fixed Fixed mal-formed string format for client security warnings.
Client Fixed Fix a bug that prevented module hooks from receiving a configureFunctionFactory() call.
Misc Fixed Keep google from indexing gateway and user manual webpages.
Alarming Fixed Fixed Alarm Journal so ClearAcked events are displayed properly.
Gateway Fixed Changing a specific tag provider access restriction in service security away from inherited and then back results in "read only" access, and not the correct default level specified.
Named Queries Fixed Named Query tabs will now only show the name and will not change to the path when renaming or opening.
Designer Fixed Fixed several export categories
Named Queries Fixed Fixed a class not found exception when executing named query tests. Note: Named Queries created in 7.9.4-beta1 will no longer deserialize successfully.
Designer Fixed SFC Monitor Component now retains custom properties after window close.
Scripting Fixed Saving a project with gateway tag event scripts that do not correctly compile can lead to subsequent errors when saving the project.
Gateway Web Interface Fixed Fixed navigation glitch on Security Policy edit page.
Client Fixed Based on data, the client tag history cache can end up logging IllegalArgumentExceptions when sorting data.
Gateway Fixed Setting the Alarm Journal loggers to trace or debug will no longer throw an UnknownFormatConversionException when querying with Display Path or Source filters.
Gateway Added Functionality Efficiency improvements for gateway functions related to backup creation and restoration, module installation and loading, and EAM backup/module management.
Gateway Fixed Gateway Status Logs page no longer creates multiple polled queries filtering logs or changing pages over a slow network.
Gateway Fixed Fixed UnsupportedOperationException when uninstalling modules.
Redundancy Fixed A remote program could submit large payloads on the redundancy port, causing OutOfMemory errors and a JVM hang. To prevent this behavior, use the Redundancy Settings connection whitelist to restrict which machine is allowed to connect.
Gateway Fixed Added Named Query top-level resource
Gateway Fixed isAlarmActive expression function incorrectly queries remote tag providers for alarms, even when only local provider is specified in tag path.
Gateway Fixed Homepage load speed improved for Gateways with large project counts.
Gateway Fixed Transaction group log message for bad quality trigger reduced to "debug" status
Designer Fixed Added touchscreen support for the Web Browser component.
Designer Fixed Non string parameter types in UDTs cannot reference parent udt parameters (type conversion error encountered).
Gateway Web Interface Fixed Prevented jsessionid url-rewriting
Designer Fixed Commit message area in publish dialog no longer holds on to old text.
SQLTags Fixed Overridden UDT properties updated or modified on the gateway (through writes or various mechanisms) may not be accurately reflected in tags when edited in the designer.
Gateway Fixed Class loading inconsistencies when starting the Designer and a module has been installed and uninstalled multiple times. Now the Designer's cache is purged of unused jars upon startup, eliminating the inconsistencies.
Gateway Fixed Previously, restoring an Edge backup gwbk on a standard Gateway resulted in a faulted Gateway upon restart. Now, a validation error is displayed on the Restore page instead of attempting to restore the Edge backup.
Scripting Fixed Fixed: Editing UDT instance members with system.tag.editTag
Scripting Added Functionality Added optional throwOnError boolean argument to system.net.httpGet and system.net.httpPost to allow users to return error message body rather than getting an IOException.
Gateway Web Interface Fixed For system performance charts with gaps in the data, the chart zoom would change dramatically when the chart received new data.
Alarming Fixed Alarm Journal will now ignore duplicate events on alarm disable/enable providing the state hasn't changed.
Scripting Fixed Fixed NPE when using getScheduleForDay on composite schedule with no events.
Gateway Web Interface Fixed Gateway Log and Thread status pages display without risk of evaluating cleverly formatted html tags in error messages.
Gateway Fixed The Error Reporting Password in Gateway Settings is now properly encrypted.
Scripting Fixed Modified script hints for system.util.sendMessage, system.util.sendRequest, and system.util.sendRequestAsync.
Scripting Modified Functionality Removed system.util.invokeGateway. Use the more secure sendRequest method instead.
Gateway Fixed Modifying the service access rights for remote tags on the serving gateway to be more restrictive doesn't not take immediate effect on existing remote subscriptions. Also, the browse functions are not correctly restricted by tag provider specific settings.
Gateway Modified Functionality A log message has been added to the wrapper.log that reports how long in seconds for the Gateway to reach RUNNING state.
Native Client Launchers Fixed When using a local /jre folder next to the native client launcher executable, the launcher would select the system JRE instead of the JRE in the /jre folder.
Gateway Web Interface Fixed Removed internal db from gateway search
Gateway Web Interface Modified Functionality CPU and memory charts on the System Performance status page now display the date and time of the selected datapoint.
Gateway Network Modified Functionality Gateway Network connections now send a UUID, which will never change (including when a backup gwbk is restored). The UUID will be used to better identify remote Gateways, which eliminates the problem of another connection being created if a remote Gateway system name is changed. This change is backwards compatible, and older Gateways will still be able to connect with Gateways that use UUIDs.
EAM Fixed EAM agents will now update the controller name in the Agent Settings if the controller's Gateway system name changes.
EAM Fixed EAM Remote Upgrade Assistant now updates lib/install-info.txt with the new Gateway version during system upgrade.
EAM Fixed Agent recovery no longer throws a Serialization exception when using a 7.8 Agent with a 7.9 Controller
EAM Fixed Temporary .modl files in the <java.io.tmp>/metro folder were not deleted after execution of the EAM backup task.
Gateway Network Fixed Incoming avg bytes/second Gateway Network gauge was reporting an incorrect value on an outgoing connection.
EAM Fixed Archived modules sent via the EAM Install Modules task were missing the ".modl" file extension when saved on the agent Gateway.
NJ Driver Fixed Fixed array address parsing when contained within an array of structs.
NJ Driver Fixed Improved request/response size calculation for the Omron read optimizer.
Alarm Misc Fixed Alarm status from remote tag provider in subscribe mode gets stuck when alarm is disabled
Alarm Gateway Fixed Synchronization issues in redundancy could result in alarms being "abandoned" in a pipeline, causing them to not reflect their correct clear or ack state. Alternatively, on multiple failovers, events that should be active in pipelines could be marked as cancelled.
Alarm Misc Fixed Made capitalization of alarm loggers consistent.


Area Change Type Changelog
Ignition Integration Fixed Fixed OPC tags with Bad quality showing as Unknown in the Designer.
Misc Added Functionality Client OPC scripting functions no longer require the Vision module to be registered in the Designer.


Area Change Type Changelog
Components Fixed Fixed NPE if accessing custom method in Report Viewer component and no report path is set.
Report Designer Fixed Fixed NPE when pasting a report schedule into a new report.


Area Change Type Changelog
GEM/SECS Fixed S7F6 messages returning a file as ASCII resulted in incorrect String encoding when the file's bytes were processed by the SECS/GEM module.
GEM/SECS Added Functionality Equipment messages are now recorded in the database via the Store and Forward system, which will prevent message loss if the database connection is temporarily lost.


Area Change Type Changelog
Engine Fixed Transitions that are true immediately when activated can stop working after several activations.
Engine Fixed Polling expression functions in SFC transitions can lead to unexpected errors in chart execution.
Engine Fixed Error logged for blank cancel expression in Parallel element when "cancel condition" is enabled.
Designer Fixed SFC script editor line numbers correspond to those given in error messages.

Tag Historian

Area Change Type Changelog
Querying Fixed Race condition in remote dataset streaming randomly preventing all rows from being written.
Querying Fixed Default system name not correctly injected in historical tag path when provider is specified, for example with paths such as: "[DB/.Provider]Tag". If "Tag" exists in multiple providers on the gateway, historical values will be intermingled.

User Manual

Area Change Type Changelog
User Manual Fixed Now filtering user manual module dependency to exclude old version of servlet-api.


Area Change Type Changelog
Designer Fixed Fixed caching on nqmed query parameter table
Misc Fixed Fixed scaling issues when using system.gui.transform on components inside of template instances.
Components Fixed Alarm Status Table Source Filter won't recognize wildcard at the front of the string (only applies to 7.9.4 beta)
Components Fixed Designer now shows quality overlay for mis-named queries.
Components Added Functionality Added onCreateSchedule, onDeleteSchedules, onCreateHoliday, onDeleteHolidays to the Schedule Management component.
Components Added Functionality Added onDeleteRole, onCreateRole, and onCreateUser to User Management component.
Components Added Functionality Added linear regression pen to Easy Chart.
Components Fixed Fixed: Tables now display a quality overlay.
Designer Fixed Fixed the copy/paste action of project scoped scripts between different projects
Components Fixed Fixed typo in comment panel's sticky note description.
Components Fixed Added missing tool tips in Easy Chart customizer pen edit panel.
Client Added Functionality Logout button is now disabled on client disconnect screen when autologin is enabled. An autologin button has also been added to the client login screen if a user accidentally logs out of an autologin client.