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Version: 7.9.5

Allen-Bradley Driver

Area Change Type Changelog
Logix v21 Driver Fixed Fixed a timeout error that could occur when reading diagnostic tags.
Logix v21 Driver Modified Functionality Reduced CPU usage in the case where large quantities of ReadStructuredTagRequests are being executed.

DNP3 Driver

Area Change Type Changelog
Driver Fixed Fixing current point value updates from an integrity poll when unsolicited messaging is enabled

Ignition Platform

Area Change Type Changelog
Installers Fixed Added back gwcmd.sh (utility which provides GCU functionality on the command line) to OSX DMG installs.
Gateway Fixed Modified how cached module jars are processed upon startup to eliminate corrupted cached module jars and faulted modules upon Gateway startup.
Gateway Network Fixed Rapid changes to the tag subscription set targeting remote tag providers can cause significant delays in updating the subscription model. Seen especially with transaction groups and heavy windows with many indirect bindings to remote tags.
Gateway Fixed Remote service settings for a specific tag provider revert to default values (until next restart) when the provider is disabled on startup, and then later re-enabled.
SQLTags Fixed Importing UDT definition erases overrides defined on subtypes and instances.
Gateway Network Fixed Incoming GAN connections are automatically reset when SSL certificate is revoked.
Designer Fixed Alarm pipeline on call roster label now stays in the correct place when switching around different alarm pipelines.
Gateway Fixed One-way email notification works if SMTP profile is STARTTLS.
Named Queries Fixed Fixed issue where only the most recently opened Named Query table browser would update when the Named Query datasource was changed
Gateway Network Fixed "Trust remote roles" remote provider service security option combined with security zone level settings on individual tag permissions not matching correctly. Zones were not being set correctly for users trusted from remote sources.
Alarming Fixed Alarm notification pipelines within a folder were not reachable through a remote alarm notification profile over the gateway network.
Scripting Added Functionality Make PyDataSet implement Dataset interface
Named Queries Fixed Fixed an issue where right-clicking on an individual row in the Named Query table browser wouldn't correctly create a select statement when prompted
Designer Added Functionality Templates, Named Queries, Reports, and Web Dev Resources now have the pop-up menu option to copy path in the project browse tree.
SQLTags Added Functionality Client MAC address is now visible in system/client/network tags.
Named Queries Added Functionality Named Query parameter tables in the authoring, testing, and binding views now support sorting.
Named Queries Fixed Fixed find/replace description on named query bindings.
Gateway Fixed Fixed sort-by-duration on DB details gateway page.
Scripting Fixed Unicode characters are supported in email bodies.
SQLTags Added Functionality Added a Gateway tag for the "System Name" for the gateway.
Designer Fixed New projects created from project templates show 1 'Global Props' on project resource export.
Expressions Fixed upper() and lower() functions used in expressions now result in an empty string if a null value is passed to them.
Designer Fixed Tag Diagnostics popup now cuts values down to 50 characters to fit within the window and displays the full value in a tooltip. The diagnostics details text area wraps long results for readability.
Designer Fixed Now able to copy or import UDT if parameter value is referenced to another parameter
Scripting Fixed alarmEvent.get() now returns associated alarm event data.
Named Queries Fixed Export to CSV of named query results creates single file overwrite prompt
Named Queries Added Functionality Named query path selector for updates will only show update queries. Named query path text field for the update panel will show an error for paths to named queries which are not update queries.
SQLTags Fixed OPC Optimistic Write Timeout added to scanclass CSV export/import.
Designer Fixed Fixed an issue where the Designer Property Table panel for components would not sync correctly when the Dataset Viewer was used and canceled.
Gateway Web Interface Fixed Fixed issue where Learn More buttons on Status Pages would point to old Ignition documentation. Learn More buttons now point to the current major version documentation for Ignition.
Gateway Web Interface Fixed Status page roles configuration in the gateway settings no longer implies that the roles list can be blank.
Gateway Web Interface Fixed Fixed issue where confirmation message was not showing up after editing or deleting security zone policies.
Gateway Web Interface Fixed Fixed a case where alarms in pipelines could not be cancelled via the Alarm Pipelines status page
Gateway Web Interface Fixed SECSGEM equipment "Not Connected" state on status page is now red with the appropriate icon.
Designer Fixed No longer throwing IndexOutOfBoundsException in table tag history binding if a tag is deleted while being edited
Expressions Fixed Fixed the issue where the try expression function is unable to catch a divide by None. Divide by None in a try expression function will now evaluate to the provided failover value as expected.
SQLTags Fixed Using the tag path chooser within a UDT instance will give the relative path to members.
Designer Fixed The tag export wizard will now automatically add a .xml extension to file names if needed.
Gateway Fixed Restoration .gwbk files now use a timestamp in the file name, used to confirm the .gwbk file is really part of a restoration that was triggered within the last 20 minutes. This will prevent rogue restoration files from being picked up if the gateway is later restarted.
SQLTags Fixed Array typed tags are now written correctly when exported to CSV
SQLTags Fixed Import max value float tag does not cause overflow error.
SQLTags Fixed Editing values via the Tag Browser no longer rounds for large Long numbers.
Gateway Fixed When specifying an absolute path in web.xml for the data folder on a Windows system, the backslashes in the path would throw errors when attempting to create a Gateway backup .gwbk file.
Designer Added Functionality When editing scripts in multiple designers scripts that are unedited no longer retain a resource lock allowing easier manipulation in multiple designers.
Designer Fixed Capability to remove global level translatable terms
Designer Added Functionality Right click pop up menu on all Project Browse Tree root level folder nodes now allow paste action for appropriate resources.
SQLTags Fixed Newly created client tags set the SQL polling rate to off by default.
SQLTags Fixed Datatypes with memory tags no longer spam the console with "Parameter Expansion" warnings.
Scripting Added Functionality added openFiles script to allows the user to select multiple files and will return a comma-separated string containing the file paths.
Designer Fixed The Numeric Text Field component now handles an empty field or string with non-numeric characters.
Designer Fixed When attempting a rollback with the named query editor open the rollback is now successful and no errors are logged.
Misc Modified Functionality Added javadocs for public methods in the SecurityUtils class.
Redundancy Fixed Prevent backup gateway from making gateway configuration changes.
Gateway Fixed Modules that are not from strategic partners will not load into Edge when licensed as a trial.
Named Queries Added Functionality Property binding named query editor makes better use of visual real estate.
Expressions Added Functionality Added new expression function isAlarmActiveFiltered to allow checking for active alarms that match a minimum priority.
Misc Added Functionality The Reconnect panel now respects the locale of the user and translates text.
Gateway Fixed The Client-to-Gateway OPC browse timeout is now customizable.
Module SDK Fixed Fixed: Broken navigation links for Twilio Alarm Notification module when installed alongside 3rd party Twilio module.
Designer Fixed Copy / Paste works as expected in the SFC Element Editor.
Designer Fixed Incorrect password on designer startup no longer throws invisible error.
Gateway Network Fixed Fixed direct connection settings on GAN security zone policies.
Gateway Fixed A thrown RejectExecutionException is caught when a database authentication profile times out and is now logged once per minute at most at log level INFO.
Named Queries Fixed Parameter Tables for named queries now appear without scrollbars if they are not necessary.
Gateway Fixed Large volumes of gateway logging events in a short timeframe (hundreds of log entries per second) were consuming all available disk I/O.
Redundancy Fixed Eliminated socket timeout errors when passing a very large system restore file from a redundant master to the backup. Also reduced internal database locking issues when creating standard gateway .gwbk backups.
SQLTags Fixed Fixed minor bug where user could apply history badge icon to the root of a UDT instance
Gateway Fixed Reduced logging level for user contact query on manual-mode database user source profiles.
Installer Fixed Gateway logging for the Turkish locale now correctly handles special characters and successfully logs events.
Scripting Added Functionality Added scripting functions to allow adding, editing, and deleting user roles.
Gateway Web Interface Fixed Removed errant characters from historical provider details table.
Designer Fixed Named Queries setting panel now adjusts to the designer window size.
Scripting Added Functionality Users can now specify the list of Reply-To Email Addresses in the system.net.sendEmail scripting function.
Expressions Fixed getDate() function now correctly checks for int datatypes.
SQLTags Fixed Writes succeed for tags in zero slow rate leased scan class.
Gateway Network Fixed Fixed: Gateways with a 1-character name can use the gateway network.
Scripting Fixed Added missing parameter script hints for system.tag.editTags.
Gateway Web Interface Fixed "Connecting" status labels are now dark gray across the gateway status pages to better reflect this status.
Gateway Fixed Gateway shutdown NullPointerExceptions related to GatewayAreaNetworkManager and RedundancyManager resolved.
Scripting Modified Functionality Removed deprecated scripting hints for system.device.addDevice.
Gateway Fixed Fixed highlighting for OPC-UA and Twilio menu items in the Gateway Config section.
Designer Fixed Project Rollback dialog layout now scales correctly.
Gateway Added Functionality Added client JVM version to vision client status page.
Scripting Fixed System properties update message on Gateway Home Page now has the appropriate background color.
Gateway Web Interface Fixed Gateway log message dropped from WARN to DEBUG level when Vision module is uninstalled.
Gateway Network Fixed Cleaned up logging for fail-on-start GAN connections.
Designer Fixed Category chart now catches NPE's when a datakey has null values present. The error is logged and loading the preview continues.
Gateway Web Interface Fixed Launch Projects help link now points to valid doc page location
Designer Fixed Exporting a project that contains resources from unloaded modules will now attempt to provide more details about those resources in the Export window.
Gateway Web Interface Fixed Fixed selected state for EAM Remote Upgrades menu item.
Scripting Fixed The Script Console now updates the shared and project scripts on a Designer save.
Scripting Fixed The Designer script console can access updates to third party module changes.
SQLTags Fixed Client Tags now export their polling data for tags with SQL queries.
Designer Fixed Fixed issue where query browser would not display the previous query on reopen
Designer Fixed Resource names cannot end with a space character.
Scripting Fixed Updated system.tag.browseTags intellisense description
SQLTags Fixed Fixed minor issue where Derived tags weren't displaying the alarm and security badges in the tag browser when applicable
Designer Fixed Items from the Project Browse Tree cannot be dropped outside of the tree when it is not appropriate.
Designer Added Functionality OPC Browse button no longer disabled by default. If no tag provider is selected, button will try to browse default tag provider, and throw an error if it fails.
Alarming Fixed Fixed - Edge alarm journal's minimum priority filter.
Alarming Fixed Subscribed alarm event data from a remote tag provider is now cleared if remote alarm validation fails, to eliminate any possibility of displaying stale alarm data.
Designer Fixed Fixed issue with tag search where derived tag type was not an available option.
Client Fixed Mobile keyboard now shows the correct preview for the ampersand key.
Client Fixed Alarm Status Table now has a tooltip that will show long strings when an error occurs.
Gateway Fixed The Ignition Edge header link will now go to the status page if the Vision module isn't installed.
Alarming Fixed Fixed 'Event State' in Alarm Journal for alarms that are cleared after they are acknowledged.
Gateway Functions As Per Design Updated Omron driver type label
EAM Fixed EAM controller and agent now clean up temporary .proj files after Send Project task has completed.
EAM Fixed Caught intermittent NPE during EAM module restart.
EAM Added Functionality Tags can now be sent from within an EAM controller Designer session to any number of connected EAM agents.
Misc Fixed EAM Gateway restore from backups now check for exceptions during restart and shutdown.
Gateway Network Fixed Fixed issue where Gateway Network System Tags could throw a TagPathFormatException due to an illegal character when a remote gateway's name contained certain characters
EAM Fixed Fixed capitalization on Restart Agent EAM task
EAM Fixed Preventing gateway exceptions when executing the Activate License EAM task with an empty group.
EAM Fixed Modified error message for redundant backup gateways
WebDev Fixed Improved security for WebDev authentication behavior.
NJ Driver Added Functionality Write requests are given priority over read requests.
Alarm Gateway Fixed Honor the order of the notification block notification types
Alarm SMS Fixed Fixed issue where normal message and throttled message fields were unexpectedly bound to each other in Twilio notification block.
Alarm SMS Fixed SMS Acknowledgements of alarms are now recorded in the audit table if the alarm notification profile has two way enabled.
Alarm Designer Fixed Fixed: tag() expression function works in alarm pipeline expression block.
Alarm SMS Fixed SMS Notification description references more general Airlink Device as opposed to a specific Airlink model / family of models.


Area Change Type Changelog
Misc Fixed Mobile client footer now displays the current copyright year.

Modbus Driver

Area Change Type Changelog
Misc Fixed The Unit ID section in the Modbus Addressing page has room to show more than one digit.


Area Change Type Changelog
Client Added Functionality Added support for sending the entire certificate chain when connecting, rather than just the leaf / end-entity certificate.
Server Fixed Allow server to bind to loopback address
Misc Modified Functionality UA and Driver modules version x.9.5 require platform version 7.9.5
Misc Modified Functionality Generated certificates now use 2048-bit keys and SHA256withRSA signature algorithm.
Gateway Web Interface Added Functionality Accept a certificate chain on the client certificate import page.
Misc Fixed Generate 2048-bit private keys by default.
Client Modified Functionality When connecting, the application URI in the server's certificate will be validate against the application URI in the selected endpoint.


Area Change Type Changelog
Report Designer Fixed static http urls and file paths now operate as expected as key values for reporting images.
Report Designer Fixed Adding two schedules with email actions to a report no longer throws an index out of bounds exception.
Misc Fixed Non-US Locale No Longer Causes Improperly Scaled Timeseries Charts When Axes Configured Manually
Report Engine Fixed Report no longer throws an exception when there are numerous data sources and a schedule is created.
Components Fixed When plotting floating point data on an XY Chart the data is now plotting correctly on the X axis.
Report Designer Fixed Report data sources that are missing a key will now give a warning in the design panel and are highlighted in red in the data panel.
Components Fixed Images appear the same size on the final report as in the Design tab when scaled within unstructured table rows.
Report Engine Fixed Fixed issue where reports would throw unhelpful error when a page dimension is set lower than the margins allow. Now logs a clearer warning.
Report Designer Added Functionality Reporting Data Sources now show tooltips if they are blank, contain invalid characters, or are named 'Report'. Data Key value is now trimmed of blank space after completion if the last characters in the key are spaces for readability. The definition for a valid key is incorrect, keys that start with an underscore are also valid.
Report Designer Fixed Multiple table cells can now be selected via the shift and alt/cmd keys including super-selected text. If multiple table cells or text shapes are selected the style buttons in the property editor now applies to all selected text.
Report Designer Fixed Auto Format menu item now works for Simple Table
Report Designer Fixed Improved the tooltips for report parameters and data keys. They now state if they are valid keys, duplicate keys, missing keys, or match the reserved "Report" word.
Report Designer Fixed Reporting table groups start on new page options expanded. "Start on new page" is now only applicable to top-level peer tables. "Start rows on new page" option now puts each row on new pages. (NOTE: If a child table has this option enabled its parents do as well)
Report Designer Fixed Report Scheduled FTP Actions now append the appropriate file extension.
Components Fixed Report properties that are not applicable to the whole report were removed from the report properties.
Report Engine Added Functionality Reports can be exported to Excel xls format. (xlsx is not supported) Tables are mapped to cells, all other components are placed based on their position on the report. Some formatting for complex report configurations is lost during the export.
Report Designer Fixed Reporting key browser Datasources folder renamed to Data Sources
Components Added Functionality Added QR code version support to barcode components.
Report Designer Fixed Fixed report action's default script "handleFinishedReport" typo.
Report Designer Fixed Report title in Overview Panel now saves properly when report path is edited.
Report Designer Added Functionality When changing the query type on the data tab when creating reports the user is prompted to confirm the change before their previous query is deleted.
Report Designer Fixed Report Designer Bold, Italic, and Underline buttons now toggle these attributes for all selected objects that have editable text.
Report Designer Fixed Report page layouts now display as expected.
Components Added Functionality Added a reportLoading property on the report viewer.
Components Fixed Typed paths in the report viewer "report path" property are no longer case sensitive.


Area Change Type Changelog
Engine Fixed Sequential function charts now properly implement persistence and can now be synchronized between redundant master and backup gateways. See the user manual for more information.

SQL Bridge

Area Change Type Changelog
Designer Fixed Exporting and Importing transaction groups now captures the alarming configuration for OPC items.
Misc Fixed Fixed: Specifying a member tag in system.tag.editTag()'s overrides parameter will now be correctly parsed.
Designer Fixed Standard Transactions now have correct tooltips for the 'Add' and 'Remove' buttons in the Table Actions section.

Tag Historian

Area Change Type Changelog
Querying Fixed Non existant tags in tag history querying can affect return results and calculations (affects the calculation of window sizes and the result per row)
Querying Fixed Mixed case tag paths in tag history tables no longer make queries fail
Querying Fixed Manually edited path entries in the sqlth_te table can result in tag history queries returning no data for the paths due to case sensitivity.


Area Change Type Changelog
Client Fixed Fallback timer no longer resets tag value after write to UDT member when in non-English locale.
Designer Fixed The delay spinner for client and gateway scripts now only accepts integer values and reverts to the last acceptable value if a typed value is less than 0 or greater than 2^31 -1.
Client Fixed Fixed issue that could cause UI lockup in some cases where templates canvases loaded other templates with date selectors in them
Components Fixed Table/Power Table now retains focus if editing cell data with onscreen keyboard.
Designer Fixed Derived Tag's Source Tag Path is now on the CSV Tag Export
Components Fixed Not using Auto-Range for a chart's Y-Axis no longer makes pens with all positive or all negative values disappear.
Components Fixed Language Selector component properly syncs selected locale across other windows
Designer Fixed Component level translations only translate terms on the component itself.
Components Fixed Overflow in a numeric text field will no longer automatically set the value to 0.
Components Fixed Preventing the Numeric Text Field from automatically rounding to a Double value.
Misc Modified Functionality UDT members with spaces can be used in scripts with dictionary style access.
Components Fixed User Management component no longer throws a Null Pointer Exception when toggling the Role Management property.
Components Added Functionality User Management and Schedule Management components now support background and text coloring under the expert appearance properties.
Designer Added Functionality Objects can now be pasted from one window or template to another regardless of broken bindings.
Components Fixed Tag Browse Tree component now displays tag not found warnings for historical tags that cannot be located and loads the remaining tags.
Components Added Functionality IP camera viewer component now supports HTTP digest authentication.
Components Fixed Fixed a case where a harmless (but scary looking) NullPointerException would occasionally appear when closing or reloading a TemplateRepeater
Designer Added Functionality Navigation scripting dropdown for choosing windows by name will stretch and a word-wrapping tooltip is displayed to help with window names that are lengthy.
Components Fixed Values of the itemID and ID fields in the datasets of the Equipment Management component are now assessed based on their content not their type. A new warning message is logged to notify the user of this casting and recommending that they match the column data types.
Components Fixed Charts with selections enabled confirm that a point was selected and not the legend before attempting to set it as the selected item.
Misc Fixed Fixed issue where opening a window in a client with its title bound to a null value threw an exception. Instead, the window title will be empty when opened in this case.
Components Fixed Easy Chart Mode Menu no longer defaults to Zoom when other mode is selected
Components Added Functionality Tool Tips on Charts switch to Scientific Notation when numbers are on the order of 1E-5 or smaller.
Designer Fixed Can now delete components bound to deleted Report parameters
Components Fixed Slider component's value can no longer go out of bounds when using arrow keys
Client Fixed Whenever a window closes, any momentary button children in this window will listen on this close event and immediately set their control values to their respective off values (ignoring/stopping any running timers).
Designer Fixed Fixed issue where bound internal properties remained bound if switched to template parameters.
Designer Added Functionality the template list of drag-and-dropped tags is now sorted alphabetically.
Components Fixed "Sending acknowledgement" animation on alarm status component now disappears if user doesn't have client permission
Components Fixed 'Visible' Security Setting Overrides 'Visible' Component Property
Components Fixed Tab Strip Antialias works when setting the tab strip component orientation to the left or right
Components Added Functionality Added a "Tab Size" property to the Text Area Component in the Designer. This allows the user to change the default Tab size from 8 to their own preference.
Components Fixed Fixed typo on the font property description.