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Version: 7.9.6

Allen-Bradley Driver

Area Change Type Changelog
SLC Driver Fixed Fixed uncaught NPE in ABBrowseCache#loadBrowseCache()

Ignition Platform

Area Change Type Changelog
SQLTags Fixed Array typed OPC tags can now be written.
EAM Fixed Progress bar for executing agent tasks within the EAM Tasks status page now displays the correct percentage value.
EAM Added Functionality An agent's global project and resources can now be selected as the source for the Send Project and Send Project Resources tasks.
Designer Fixed Translation manager now accepts regional variations that have variants and extensions that do not comply with Java 1.6 Locale specifications.
Gateway Web Interface Fixed Fixed typo in Advanced Settings area of database connections.
SQLTags Fixed Certain tag properties like "AlertActive" and other alarm state properties revert to default values in the designer after refreshing tag browse tree.
Gateway Fixed Fixed NPE when shutting down Edge gateway
Installer Fixed Upgrader now comments out deprecated command line flags that cause errors in Java 9
Gateway Fixed Message Handlers now use more secure methods to ensure that a remote gateway using the sendRequest function is placed into the correct security zone.
Gateway Added Functionality Upgraded SQLite JDBC driver to 3.20.1.
SQLTags Fixed When importing a project with transaction groups, the gateway does not need a restart for transaction groups to work properly.
Designer Fixed On Edge if the panel plugin is uninstalled and save project is pressed in the designer a Null Pointer Exception is no longer thrown.
SQLTags Fixed Write succeeds for derived tags with 0 rate scan class when slow rate is active.
Named Queries Added Functionality Added script functions clearNamedQueryCache() which takes the query name as a string and clearAllNamedQueryCaches() to clear the caches for named queries when needed for that particular project.
Named Queries Added Functionality Named Query client tags can now use tag references as parameter values
Gateway Fixed Alarm journal gateway data filters work on edge. Filter by Display Path or Source now works in a more intuitive way.
Scripting Fixed Fixed parameter order for system.util.sendRequestAsync to match documentation
Gateway Network Fixed Improved remote alarm status synchronization on remote gateway restart.
Gateway Network Fixed Multiple incoming remote tag subscriptions against a particular tag provider can result in one subscription updating normally, where other subscriptions are updated very infrequently, or not at all, depending on the number of tags subscribed.
Installers Fixed Necessary JNLP config files for Java 9 compatibility are now added in when upgrading.
Scripting Fixed Fixed: system.alert.queryStatus() source filter wildcard behavior now works as expected.
Gateway Network Fixed Gateway network now makes better use of internal http connection pooling, resulting fewer local http sockets used to send messages.
Named Queries Added Functionality Added Named Query tag type to Client Tags
Gateway Added Functionality Module licenses now support individual expiration dates.
SQLTags Fixed Selecting a new Parent Type for a Nested UDT instance now changes the Parent Type of that instance instead of the top-level definition.
Gateway Fixed Tag history data gets quarantined in the S+F engine if the historical provider doesn't have access to create tables.
Gateway Network Fixed After a gateway network reconnection event, remote provider tags over a proxy could be stale and would not change to good quality unless the tag value actually changed.
Misc Fixed Fixed: Formatted loggers now allow '%' as valid character.
Scripting Fixed Fixed bug that caused system.tag.writeAll to be synchronous when invoked from a client.
Expressions Fixed The isAlarmActiveFiltered expression function now correctly handles relative tag paths.
Redundancy Fixed Improved logging for redundancy connection handling.


Area Change Type Changelog
VNC Fixed Fixed an issue where mobile projects on headless linux gateways were not working with VNC connections.
Backend Fixed Fixed an issue where some mobile clients were timing out before the specified session timeout


Area Change Type Changelog
Client Added Functionality Added 'Max References Per Node' advanced setting on OPC UA connections.
Client Fixed Removed unused 'Secure Channel Reauthentication Enabled' setting.


Area Change Type Changelog
Misc Added Functionality QueryResults class now available for importing into scripts
Report Engine Fixed Scheduled reports that execute at the same time are now synchronized to ensure that the expected output is provided.
Report Engine Fixed Reporting tables with headers that fill the entire table now shrink the header to ensure that the data will fit in the table and generate a report successfully.
Components Fixed In the designer on the report viewer component, when editing a boolean report parameter on a report with multiple boolean parameters, all boolean checkboxes no longer change in sync with the top checkbox. They now operate independently for each boolean value.


Area Change Type Changelog
GEM/SECS Added Functionality Status tags are now generated in the SECSGEM tag provider to provide information about an equipment connection's status, last message sent and last message received.


Area Change Type Changelog
Engine Fixed Pausing SFC instances no longer throws a Null Pointer Exception.


Area Change Type Changelog
Components Fixed Tree View getSelectedItems now returns an empty array if there was no selection or only folders selected.
Designer Added Functionality Added update query to named query binding conversion.
Misc Fixed Fixed serialization error for PyDataSets
Client Fixed Retarget across gateways will now retain the initial and max heap settings from the initial JVM launch.


Area Change Type Changelog
Client Fixed Shows a label on component when viewed in unsupported operating system.
Client Fixed Web Browser Module fixed on Kubuntu. Dropping support for 32-bit Linux Desktop.