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Version: 7.9.7

Allen-Bradley Driver

Area Change Type Changelog
Logix v21 Driver Fixed Fix bug that caused structures at the root level of a program to be read less efficiently.

DNP3 Driver

Area Change Type Changelog
Driver Fixed No longer writing queued commands to the channel after a device has been disconnected.
Driver Fixed The DNP3 scripting functions selectOperateBinary and directOperateBinary no longer throw a ClassCastException when an object of Group 12, Variation 1 is received.

Ignition Platform

Area Change Type Changelog
Designer Fixed Dropping dataset tags on table components or the root container no longer throw Null Pointer Exceptions. Also the dataset is populated correctly for tables and lists
Alarm Gateway Fixed Fixed tag() expression function in alarm notification pipelines.
EAM Fixed Newer versions of the OEE module from Sepasoft could not be installed remotely via the EAM controller.
Installers Fixed Gateway descriptions that pertain to java versions now list java 9 in addition to java 8. references to java 8 in the installer also reference either "java 8 or 9" or "java 8 or later".
Scripting Added Functionality Added system.dataset.formatDates()
Gateway Fixed Security Zone names are now enforced to be unique. Existing Security zones whose names are identical operate the same, however when editing/creating a zone uniqueness is enforced on its name.
Client Fixed Reverted editable drop down list focus behavior to 7.9.0 version.
Gateway Web Interface Fixed Providers listed on the Store and Forward status page are now ordered alphabetically.
Misc Added Functionality Added System tags for locale-aware date and time format strings.
SQLTags Added Functionality Added system tag for gateway uptime.
Gateway Web Interface Fixed On the Modules status page, a loading message will now be displayed while modules are being loaded instead of falsely displaying 'there are no modules currently installed'.
Installer Added Functionality Parameters deprecated in Java 9 are commented out of ignition.conf on upgrade.
Gateway Fixed Security Zone IP Identifiers with both a wildcard '*' and range of values are now valid and no longer result in authentication failures for clients/designers on hosts whose IP Address matches the identifier.
Designer Fixed Fixed serialization error when copying a color binding
Gateway Web Interface Added Functionality The Logs Gateway webpage now has a new filtering button that allows filtering the logs by Mapped Diagnostics Context key value pairs. The user selects the key or key value pair they wish to see and all logs are filtered inclusively (Any additional pairs added with add to the results, not limit)
Misc Fixed Fixed: Route mounting for mobile module
Scripting Added Functionality Added system.dataset.addRows(), system.dataset.appendDataset() and system.dataset.clearDataset()
Scripting Added Functionality Added system.user.isUserScheduled() and system.user.getScheduledUsers()
Gateway Web Interface Fixed Double quotes are now searchable in Threads and Logs filter searches.
Client Fixed jar cache is no longer purged on startup or retargeted if the version of the jars is the same as the running client.
Gateway Network Fixed Remote tags that are subscribed to a tag property can become stale or receive the wrong property change.
Gateway Fixed The display of Action columns in tables has been made more consistent.
Designer Fixed When a designer loses its connection to the gateway for more than 60 seconds, upon reconnect the user is warned if any of its resources are locked on the gateway due to a more recent edit. When attempting to open or save these resources a warning is displayed to the user informing them that the project needs to be updated.
Gateway Fixed Catch previously uncaught exceptions in the DF1 transport layer that would ultimately cause a request to stop being executed.
Gateway Network Fixed Added support for shelving alarms on Remote Tag Providers.
Designer Added Functionality Named Query resources now sorted alphabetically in selectors
SQLTags Fixed Fixed drag-and-drop binding for array tag elements.
SQLTags Fixed Fixed drag-and-drop historical binding for array tag elements.


Area Change Type Changelog
Backend Fixed Added the ability to control the amount of time the mobile module will wait for a VM before creating a new one using -Dmobile.vmCreationTimeoutMs flag in the configuration file.


Area Change Type Changelog
Gateway Web Interface Fixed OPC Device names are now validated to ensure that names contain only alphanumeric characters, underscores, or spaces. Old device names still operate normally, however a warning is thrown if the name has '/' or '\' characters that may interfere with creation or accessibility of the devices ".tags" file.
Client Fixed Fix bug that prevented sampling intervals slower than 5 seconds.
Gateway Web Interface Fixed Tag names in the Quick Client are now abbreviated if they are longer than 35 characters.
Server Fixed Exposed Tags: nodes representing tags with array types now get created with the correct ValueRank and ArrayDimensions attributes in the OPC UA address space.
Server Fixed add extension BasicConstraints CA=false to generated certs
Server Fixed Ignitions internal OPC-UA reconnects normally after a gateway backup restore.


Area Change Type Changelog
Report Designer Added Functionality Report Charts that support scripting via the configureChart() script now have read-only access to report parameters and data sources through the data['KEY'] command.
Report Engine Fixed SQL Datasources in reporting will now show the expected values from the query instead of "<N/A>" when the values exist.

SQL Bridge

Area Change Type Changelog
Misc Fixed Transaction groups now have the options to set null tag or DB values to the default values for their respective data types.
Designer Fixed Transaction group item values now support null values.
Gateway Fixed ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException is no longer thrown when executing a block transaction group with only expression items.


Area Change Type Changelog
Client Fixed Fixed issue with print dialogs failing to load when launching a client from jnlp using java 9 on Windows.
Client Fixed Fixed an issue where user-initiated dialog boxes (confirm, message, input, and password) were displaying on the wrong monitor when using multiple desktops in fullscreen mode.
Client Fixed Login panel will now translate when opened in non-English environment.
Designer Fixed Fix bug causing the Translation Manager to edit the wrong row when terms are sorted in descending order.
Client Fixed Improved reliability of system.gui.setScreenIndex() scripting function.
Client Fixed Improved ability to terminate invalid/abandoned sessions on Client Status page.
Components Fixed PowerTable and other tables that allow sorting no longer throw a NoClassDefFound error when the client or designer is running on Java 9
Client Fixed Property bindings now attach their change listeners first before performing any changes to ensure that those changes are reflected on all components.
Designer Fixed A report's Named Query datasource will now retain its parameter values when the save button is pressed
Components Added Functionality Alarm Status Table now has support for getAlarms() method to mirror the capabilities of the Alarm Journal
Components Fixed Fixed recursion error in component security
Components Fixed SQL Query and DB Browse bindings will now retain any custom update query across restarts and will respect the enabled/disabled checkbox.