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Version: 7.9.8

Allen-Bradley Driver

Area Change Type Changelog
Logix v21 Driver Fixed Fixed a bug causing StackOverflowError during read optimization.

Ignition Platform

Area Change Type Changelog
Client Fixed The Designer's Find/Replace dialog no longer renders HTML, instead it now shows preformatted text.
Scripting Added Functionality Added additional, optional argument to system.dataset.exportExcel and system.dataset.datasetToExcel allowing for the choice between Excel default cells or empty cells.
Designer Fixed Project scoped templates will now rollback as expected when they are currently open in the designer.
Alarming Fixed system extension tags now retain alarm configurations on gateway restarts.
Alarming Fixed Add alarm event UUID to audit log records for the Twilio Alarm Notification module.
Gateway Added Functionality The Launch JRE gateway setting will now automatically upgrade its value to "9;1.8;1.7;1.6;" at startup if it was previously the default of "1.8;1.7;1.6". NOTE: If Java 9 is removed from this list leave the trailing semicolon to prevent reverting to the default.
Gateway Web Interface Fixed Added time units to scanclass average duration metric.
Gateway Network Fixed Improve help text for Specified List in Gateway Network Settings.
Installers Fixed Ignition Upgrader now determines whether to use the CMS Garbage Collector based on what version of Java is installed during the upgrade.
Gateway Web Interface Fixed In Edge, the Configuration Overview page now correctly displays trial status of Installed Plugins without the need to refresh the page.
Designer Fixed When an Edge Designer is required to restart it now loads with the correct Edge branding
SQLTags Fixed Security update: Disabled TLS renegotiation
Designer Added Functionality Designer: Added option for overwriting or skipping all resources on project import.
SQLTags Fixed Numeric memory tags within a UDT instance no longer instantiate with null values
Scripting Fixed system.tag.editTags(), editTag(), and addTag() functions now handle nested UDT member overrides correctly.
Gateway Web Interface Fixed On-Call Roster tip is now Edge-appropriate
Designer Fixed Removed unused audit settings from designer preferences panel in Ignition Edge Edition.
Gateway Fixed Progress Bars should no longer intersect with other elements, such as Gauges.
Scripting Fixed Colors entered as strings can now use either the 'grey' or 'gray' spelling
Designer Added Functionality The Designer's OPC Browser now includes a Sorting Method dropdown that allows for both forward and reverse, Alphanumeric sorting.
Gateway Fixed Fixed descenders being cut off in Gateway Search while using Firefox.
Designer Fixed Edge Designer now excludes tips of the day that do not pertain to Edge.
Scripting Fixed Fixed bug when null values added via system.dataset.addColumn()
Gateway Fixed Gateway Control Utility now displays the Edition of the running gateway.
Misc Fixed Fixed bug where EAM send tags tasks would not send tag event scripts correctly
EAM Fixed Fixed NPE when reinstalling EAM module on Edge
Alarm Designer Fixed Fixed misleading error message when using invalid characters in an alarm pipeline name.
Named Queries Fixed Fix bad name for named query cache manager.
Build Fixed Fixed error where Ignition Gateway daemon would not install on some linux distributions.
Designer Fixed Improved multi-tag editing behavior in Ignition Designer.
Named Queries Fixed Fixed issues with named query cache maintenance.
Alarming Added Functionality New bindable "Label" property on alarms to allow more flexibility in addition to Display Path.
Gateway Fixed Upon installation of Windows update 1803, the gateway Windows service would throw the error 193 0xc1, and the Windows Event Viewer would contain the error "Ignition Gateway is not a valid Win32 application".
Gateway Added Functionality Edge now styles browser tabs and icons with Edge colors.
Designer Fixed Fixed NPE when creating query bindings
Designer Fixed If a project is overwritten while a designer is open the designer can no longer save or update preventing possible project resource duplication.
Scripting Added Functionality Added new system.math scripting functions, which also allow importing Apache Math into scripts.
SQLTags Fixed Module SDK: Calls to SimpleTagProvider.configureTag are much slower after the user has defined custom settings on a previously registered tag.
SQLTags Fixed Possible error (ConcurrentModificationException) that can affect historical data collection in system and mqtt tags with frequent modifications and many tags assigned to a single or few scan classes.
Gateway Web Interface Fixed Allow configuration of HSTS via system properties.
Gateway Web Interface Fixed Gateway webpage now blocks framing to prevent password theft and clickjacking
Gateway Web Interface Fixed Store and Forward status page on Edge now provides information about the Forward status based on Enterprise Remote History Provider status. When the Tag historian Module is not installed, the placeholder page now displays edge specific information.
Gateway Fixed Historical Providers Tag Details is now left aligned for easier reading.
GCU Fixed Ignition installer's final page is now more clear that it is starting Ignition or Ignition Edge.
SQLTags Fixed Enhanced security for default webserver keystore.
Gateway Web Interface Fixed If the edge project is disabled, the launch links on the homepage now explain that it is disabled and change to a 'configuration' link.
Client Fixed jar cache is no longer purged on startup or retarget if the version of the jars is the same as the running client.
Gateway Web Interface Fixed Added pagination and filtering to several tables in the Gateway Web Interface. Notable improved performance with large amounts of data in the tables on Status pages.
Named Queries Fixed Improved speed of Named Queries.
Gateway Fixed Fixed dynamic updating of Dropped Status notifiers on the Store and Forward Details page.
Gateway Web Interface Fixed Fixed vulnerability in Gateway Webpage logging routes.
Gateway Fixed Cleaned up UI on Ignition Edge quarantine status gateway page.
Scripting Fixed system.tag.editTag(), editTags(), and addTag() functions now apply overrides to the passed Tag path correctly.
Alarming Fixed Improved Alarm Journal Table's support for shelved alarm events.
Designer Added Functionality Designer scanclass drop-down is now sorted alphanumerically, non-case sensitive.


Area Change Type Changelog
Client Fixed Fixed regression that prevented operation limits from being read.
Misc Fixed Updated Milo (OPC UA SDK) to 0.2.1
Client Fixed Upgraded Milo to 0.2.0. Improves reconnection handling of remote OPC-UA connections.
Server Fixed Fix NPE when browsing UA server after setting 'Expose Tag Providers'
Client Fixed Add BasicConstraints extension to generated certificates


Area Change Type Changelog
Components Fixed PDF Viewer no longer stretches text for some underlined fonts.
Components Added Functionality PDF Viewer no longer stretches text for some underlined fonts.
Components Added Functionality Report Scheduled Email action now supports adding reply to email addresses. If User sources are used there is now the option of adding reply to roles. The system.report.executeAndDistribute() function now supports reply to. keys are: replyTo (pylist of addresses), replyToRoles (pylist of roles), and replyToUserSource (String). replyToRoles and replyToUserSource require the useRoles key to be set to True.


Area Change Type Changelog
Engine Added Functionality SFC Enclosing Step return parameters can now be assigned to scope parameters by enclosing the parameter's name (or scope.name) in curly braces.

Siemens Drivers

Area Change Type Changelog
Siemens S7 Driver Fixed No longer throwing an NPE during address creation when the area is null.

SQL Bridge

Area Change Type Changelog
Gateway Fixed Calculation of "next time" for status purposes could be different than the actual underlying calculation used for execution.

Tag Historian

Area Change Type Changelog
Storage Fixed Added international character support for tag historians using Microsoft SQL Server.


Area Change Type Changelog
Client Fixed Swapping windows in a project with OEM locks now performs as expected and duplicate windows are no longer created.
Designer Fixed In the designer, windows are now accessible that are inside folders on a project with an OEM lock.
Components Fixed Removed deprecated 3D property from Pie Chart.
Designer Fixed Improved "All Providers" sorting in the Tag Browser.