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Version: 7.9.9

Allen-Bradley Driver

Area Change Type Changelog
Misc Fixed Fixed an issue with legacy AB drivers with symbols in the device name
Logix v21 Driver Fixed Fixed log spam when ReadIdentityObjectRequest fails.

Ignition Platform

Area Change Type Changelog
Designer Fixed Fixed: Incorrect SQL Binding behavior on dataset types after upgrade.
Gateway Fixed Remote Tag Providers that reference a tag provider that is proxied over a Gateway Network and whose redundancy role is not Independent will remain connected if that gateway's role is changed.
Designer Fixed Fixed an issue where Designers would visually revert resources after a manual publish, then save.
SQLTags Fixed Deadlock caused by modifications to complex types in programmatically controlled tag providers (SimpleTagProvider system from SDK)
Scripting Fixed Message Handlers can now return a streaming dataset object without Timing Out. Additionally Jython errors are correctly displayed when using Message Handlers, instead of Timing Out.
Designer Fixed Fixed SQL binding UPDATE query behavior.
Named Queries Modified Functionality Made system.db.clearAllNamedQueryCaches() more efficient
Gateway Modified Functionality Updated language in the IASLA
Named Queries Fixed Fixed issue of deleted named queries not being removed from cache.
Client Fixed Fixed an issue with property bindings not correctly evaluating when windows were reopened
Scripting Fixed sendRequest now honors the default security zone for remote machines if no other security zone match is found.
SQLTags Fixed Writing to an unavailable Remote Tag Provider tag will no longer disable tag writes for the Designer or Client session.
Misc Fixed Improvements to the data flow in the Store and Forward engine, particularly in regards to tag history data. The result is fewer transactions encompassing data counts and time spacing that more accurately respect the pipeline settings.
Designer Fixed Fixed: Action buttons are no longer cut-off on component scripting screen.
Named Queries Added Functionality Named Query result caching is now disallowed for update queries
Expressions Fixed Aggregate expression functions can now handle null inputs in value lists as well as datasets.
Scripting Fixed Fixed incorrect handling of cancel button when adding a new UDT member folder
Named Queries Added Functionality Named Queries now support byte array types for writing and reading files to/from a Blob column in a database.
Gateway Fixed Added compatibility with MySQL 8.0 to new installs
Code Review Fixed Fixed: Quality codes now retained when casting from BasicStreamingDataset to BasicDataset.
Expressions Fixed Made the error message for incorrect argument types in expressions easier to understand.
Named Queries Fixed Named Query Parameter table now automatically selects the next row (if it exists) based on the rows visual index regardless of sorting.
Designer Fixed Fixed translations of 'Reset to Default' for Power Table
Scripting Added Functionality Added keyword arguments for system.util.getSessionInfo()
Named Queries Fixed system.db.runNamedQuery now handles string values in the returned dataset that has a CRLF (\r\n) in it now returns the whole CRLF instead of just new line (\n) similar to runQuery and runPrepQuery.


Area Change Type Changelog
Backend Added Functionality Add Session Invalidation Retry Count to mobile - allows the client to reconnect if the session invalidates.
UI Fixed Mobile username/password fields now correctly clear after a successful login.
Misc Fixed Mobile server address field now reflects 'Use SSL' system property.


Area Change Type Changelog
Server Fixed Fixed an issue with external UA clients browsing datetime tags in the OPC-UA server


Area Change Type Changelog
HDA Fixed Resolved memory leak related to querying of OPC-HDA data.


Area Change Type Changelog
Report Designer Added Functionality Changed order of default values in Static CSV datasource.


Area Change Type Changelog
Components Fixed Fixed the Easy Chart Component's "Save Data for Excel" export. The file will no longer be empty if the Easy Chart contained data.
Components Fixed Fixed issue with the sound player component not restarting after swapping windows.
Components Modified Functionality Deprecated the document viewer - existing components will continue to function.
Components Fixed User Management component can now successfully change passwords when password history is turned on.
Components Fixed Unchecking auto row height now makes power table repaint

Web Browser

Area Change Type Changelog
Client Fixed Swapping windows in the Client no longer causes the Web Browser component to reset, forgetting the webpage it had navigated to.