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Version: 7.9.10

Ignition Platform

Area Change Type Changelog
Native Launchers Added Functionality The Native Client Launchers now include the 9.0.4 Java Runtime Environment and will use this embedded runtime to launch clients and designers.
Tags Fixed Fixed potential deadlock in tag() expression function, especially when used inside of alarm bindings on tags.
Gateway Fixed Fixed an issue with duplicate garbage collection methods preventing service startup after upgrade.
Gateway Network Fixed Duplicate System Names and Gateway UUIDs are now detected and faulted on incoming connections.
Named Queries Fixed Added the ability to supply null values to named query parameters
Client Fixed Updated Java webstart memory allocation settings for Java 9 compatibility.
Named Queries Fixed Scalar named queries will now correctly use the fallback value when the query returns no data.
Designer Fixed Alarm Journal Table and Alarm Status Table Display Path filtering now uses only the Display path for the alarm if it is set and falls back to the source path if and only if the display path is not set.
Misc Fixed Fixed an issue with automatic table creation logic on MySQL databases.
Named Queries Fixed The Testing tab in the Named Query section of the Designer will now correctly display if the Named Query has no parameters.
Designer Fixed Parameter values are no longer incorrectly displayed across components if multiple Named Queries have identically named parameters.
EAM Fixed Improved remote upgrade resilience to future internal changes.
Misc Fixed Fixed bug where EAM send tags tasks would not send tag event scripts correctly
Alarm Email Fixed The SMTP timeout setting is now properly applied to outgoing emails.


Area Change Type Changelog
Engine Fixed SFC Flight recorder uses incorrect file path separator on some systems, preventing recording.

SQL Bridge

Area Change Type Changelog
Gateway Fixed Fixed an issue with key/value pairs sending the wrong write value on the execution after a new row was inserted.

Tag Historian

Area Change Type Changelog
Storage Fixed When using "Historical Deadband", Discrete "Value Mode", and "Max time between records" together, in Tag History, the Tag Value is now appropriately recorded when hitting Max time rather than only recording its last value within the Deadband.
Storage Fixed Tag values are now properly recorded when using Tag History with the "<Evaluate on Change>" Historical Scanclass, and a "Max time between records".


Area Change Type Changelog
Client Fixed Fixed edge-case issues with Java 9 compatibility.