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Track and Secure Recipes

Now you can extend the strong protection provided by Ignition’s role-based security to your recipes. The Ignition Recipe / Changeover Module allows you to:

  • Assign user roles
  • Set permission for which roles can change which recipe values and by how much. For example, you can give the Administrator role permission to change a setting from 0–100, while limiting the Operator role’s permission to change the setting from 20–80.

Track Recipe Changes

Whenever a change is made to a recipe setting, the details are recorded in the Ignition Recipe / Changeover Module’s change log:

  • Who made the change
  • When the change was made
  • What the previous setting was
  • Why the change was made (you have the option to require an explanatory note)
  • And more

The change log is valuable in normal production environments and is especially critical in industries with significant compliance requirements.

Monitor Recipes in Real Time

After a recipe is selected and once the initial recipe values are set, it is vital to monitor them for any variances to prevent quality issues, downtime or other production issues. During production, recipe values can be changed from systems outside of the recipe management system, such as an operator interface terminal local to a machine.

By monitoring the recipe values, the variance log in the Ignition Recipe / Changeover Module lets you detect variances in real time or review variances by production run or date range. These capabilities make it possible to identify the root causes of production issues early on.

The variance log also lets you define limits for which variances to record. The following types of thresholds can be defined by recipe value:

  • Percentage +/- of recipe value
  • Fixed +/- values from recipe value
  • Fixed values
  • Custom

Analyze Recipes

Use the Ignition Recipe / Changeover Module’s built-in analysis tools to:

  • Compare recipes
  • Review recipe change logs
  • Review production-run variances
  • And more

When you add the Ignition Reporting Module, you can also create multi-page reports with the recipe analysis information, and more.

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