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Ignition Quick Start Guides

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Step 1

Select Window

  • In the Designer, from Project Browser, double-click on Main Window 3

Step 2

Find Easy Chart

  • In Component Palette, click on the Charts tab, and find the Easy Chart icon

Step 3

Drag Easy Chart to Window

  • Drag an Easy Chart onto Main Window 3

Step 4

Drag Tags to Easy Chart

  • Resize the chart to be as big as the window
  • From SQLTags Browser, select and drag all the tags that have a history icon into the chart
  • The history graphs are shown on the chart
  • Before you view the graph in a Client, do the next two steps

Step 5

Set Easy Chart to Realtime

  • In Property Editor, change the Chart Mode from Historical to Realtime

Step 6

Save Project

  • Save your file, by going to File > Save and Publish

Step 7

Update Client and View Graph

  • Go back to Client, see the "Launch one or more Ignition Clients" section
  • Click on the Project Update Available link at the top to update client
  • Click on the Main Window 3 tab
  • That’s it! You have now created a realtime chart in the Designer and are viewing the graphs in a Client