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Design Like a Pro: Essential Steps for Enterprise Architectures

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Before the rise of IIoT (a.k.a. Industry 4.0), it was normal for industrial organizations with multiple plants to treat each plant separately. Now there's a growing demand to see and analyze data from all of the plants at the corporate level.

In this latest Design Like a Pro webinar from Inductive Automation, system-architecture expert Travis Cox will present concepts to help you build a solid framework for a future-proof, enterprise-wide system from the plant up.

Learn more about:
• Best practices for scalability, reliability, and security at the plant level
• Increasing data access by decoupling systems from devices
• Integration with tools for business intelligence, machine learning, ERP, and more
• Enterprise analysis and management
• Developing standards across the enterprise
• Expanding your system while keeping costs down
• And much more