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Fixing SCADA: How Ignition Saves Time

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For industrial organizations, SCADA software is an essential tool for gathering data, and controlling and analyzing industrial processes. But because of its reliance on decades-old technology, traditional SCADA software is too painfully slow to keep up with the evolving needs of today’s modern manufacturer.

Ignition software is The New SCADA designed specifically to help you go from problem to solution as quickly as possible, so you can stop fighting with old technology and start achieving great results, fast!

In this webinar, Inductive Automation Chief Strategy Officer Don Pearson and a panel of experienced control system integrators will discuss how organizations like yours are saving valuable time and money by using Ignition and how you can start speeding up your SCADA development today.

Watch this webinar to learn more about:
• Quick downloading and installation
• Simple deployment
• Uninterrupted production and easy updates
• Concurrent development
• And more

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