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SQL: The Next Big Thing in SCADA

If your SCADA system isn’t leveraging the power of SQL databases, then you’re putting yourself at a serious disadvantage to the competition. SQL databases have the power to unlock the full potential of your SCADA system and potentially revolutionize the way you do business.

Using a modern SCADA system that fully utilizes SQL databases offers such major advantages over traditional SCADA that it can literally redefine the way you think about SCADA software. Join us on this webinar to hear from SCADA experts and automation industry professionals about how to use SQL to gain the competitive advantage you need.

Learn why SQL will be the next big thing in SCADA:

1. Add value, utility and context to your time-series data
2. Empower your team to ask and answer vital questions about your process
3. Save time and money over traditional SCADA systems

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