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Configure Alarms & Send Alerts by Email, Text or Phone Call
Build an advanced alarming system that fits the needs of your operation with the Ignition Alarm Notification Module, SMS Notification Module and the Voice Notification Module to send, receive and acknowledge alarm notifications via email, text message or a phone call.

Ignition is so much more advanced than other SCADA alarming / alerting products that it will change the way you think about and use alarming in your system. No other SCADA alarming solution on the market can offer so many powerful features, such as:

  • Pipelines that let you chart alarm notification logic
  • Functionality across platforms, not just on Windows
  • Unmatched flexibility and control
  • Quick, effective management of schedules and user profiles
  • Multiple alarms per tag
  • Text and voice notification and acknowledgement
  • Modern VoIP technology that enables you to use services like Skype | try it out »
  • Text-to-speech (TTS) translation | try it now »

Ignition offers the flexibility and power to meet the demands of any industry, with alarming features that encompass many requests from the worldwide Ignition user community. It has been designed to exemplify the widely respected principles of effective alarm management described in The Alarm Management Handbook.

The Ignition alarming system is a fully integrated system that works seamlessly with other Ignition modules and is also robust enough to stand on its own. Whether you use it as a standalone alarming package or integrate it seamlessly with SCADA, Ignition is the customizable and comprehensive solution to your operation's alarming needs.

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