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Powerful Scripting Engine
Advanced functionality can be achieved using the built-in Python scripting engine. Python is an extremely popular, powerful, and best of all, easy-to-learn scripting language.

The Python scripting language is widely supported worldwide, so you are never locked into proprietary code ever again. Python is popular because it is highly regarded for its elegance and readability, making your projects easy to maintain.

Ignition's script builders provide you with a way to start using advanced features of Ignition without having to type any code yourself. You can point-and-click your way to your first Python script.

The Python programming language is free and open source. It is backed by a passionate community and development team that strives to make it easy learn and use. Furthermore, because Python has been around for so long, there is a vast amount of documentation and plenty of examples available online!

Ignition allows you to create script modules. These are blocks of code that you can call from just about anywhere in your project. Write the code once, use it everywhere.

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