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Enterprise Administration Module
Enhance the reach of Ignition with the Enterprise Administration Module (EAM)

Enterprise Administration Module
Data Sheet

  • Features
  • Manage Multiple Gateways from One Gateway
  • Synchronize Projects and Resources
  • Communicate Over a Secure Network
  • Monitor Agent Health and Performance
  • Automate Gateway Backup and Recovery
  • Powered by Ignition
  • Supported Operating Systems
  • Windows Server 2008/2012
  • Windows 7, 8, and 10
  • Ubuntu Linux 12.04 or later
  • Other Java SE-enabled OSes*
  • Supported Databases
  • Microsoft® SQL Server
  • MySQL
  • Oracle
  • PostgreSQL
  • Requirements
  • Ignition v7.8
  • Java SE 8 (server)
  • Java SE 6, 7, or 8 (client)
  • 1024 MB RAM**
  • 1 GB free HD space
  • *Ignition is compatible with any Java SE 8-enabled OS. Full support is only offered for listed OSes.
  • **Requirements vary by usage.

The EAM provides a secure and intuitive way to manage many Ignition installations from one location. It is ideal for large enterprises that deploy multiple Gateways across vast geographical distances, but even companies with a few Ignition Gateways on a single plant floor can benefit from its ability to synchronize projects, monitor performance, and automate backup and recovery from a central location.

Manage Multiple Gateways from One Gateway

With the EAM Module installed, an Ignition Gateway can function as the central Controller Gateway that connects with, monitors, and manages any number of remote Agent Gateways. Use the Controller Gateway to coordinate and automate many administrative tasks for Agent Gateways, including:

  • Assigning, updating, activating, and unactivating licenses
  • Deploying new and updated modules

All of these actions can be executed immediately or scheduled for later.

EAM manage multiple gateways
The EAM Module lets you manage multiple Agent Gateways over LAN or WAN from a Controller Gateway

Synchronize Projects and Resources

The EAM gives you to the ability to design resources and projects centrally in the Controller Gateway and send them out to the Agent Gateways.

Communicate Over a Secure Network

The EAM is built on a high-performance, high-security communication network that facilitates simultaneous access to multiple Gateways without causing firewall issues.

Monitor Agent Health and Performance

In the Controller Gateway, the EAM provides health indicators for Agent Gateways and alarms for impending lifecycle events such as Agent Gateway failure. Memory usage notifications, warnings, and error events are also provided.

Automate Gateway Backup and Recovery

The EAM enables automated backup and quick recovery for all Gateways through a Gateway backup archive.

Powered by Ignition

The EAM is a SCADA module for Ignition, the powerful HMI, SCADA, and MES software from Inductive Automation. The EAM integrates seamlessly with Ignition and all other modules in the Ignition SCADA suite. Because the module is built on the power of Ignition, it shares the same advantages, such as cross-platform compatibility, unlimited free clients, robust out-of-the-box SQL database support, and fast installation. Leveraging the full power of Ignition, it is an enterprise management tool unlike any other in the SCADA software market.

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