Security & Stability

Ignition was designed with stability in mind. Its unified architecture is the perfect foundation to build projects that last, both big and small. Ignition's built-in redundancy and rapid system restoration features ensure that you never have to worry about losing valuable data. Last but not least, every part of Ignition has been rigorously tested to ensure that it works right, every time.

Ignition is built from the ground up with a rock-solid, unified architecture. Ignition is platform-independent, which means it won’t be affected by OS-specific patches and service packs that can cause gaps in security. Every individual piece of Ignition was designed and tested to work in unison with each other to give you unprecedented platform stability.

Easily create a fault-tolerant system by joining two Ignition Gateways together with Ignition’s built-in Redundancy feature. If your primary Gateway ever goes down, the backup Gateway takes over automatically. All your clients will stay up and running and all your data loggers will function without missing a beat.

In the event of catastrophic hardware failure, Ignition is designed to get up and running again in no time. Thanks to Ignition’s quick installation and single-file backup, the entire system can be back up in just minutes.

Ignition undergoes rigorous testing on a regular basis to ensure its stability. Individual Ignition modules and updates are also tested across platforms to guarantee Ignition works right for you every time.

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