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Unlimited Tags
In today's modern manufacturing facilities, it no longer makes sense to pay per tag – so why do it? With Ignition you can use as many tags as you need and never pay anything extra for them.

Ignition's SQLTags system makes bringing values from PLCs into your project easy. Simply browse your device and drag in the tags you want.

Build UDT (user-defined data type) tags for your system. These templates mimic data structures that already exist in your PLC or design your own from scratch. You can then create instances to use all over your system. The best part is if you need to make a change to the data type, you only need to modify the master UDT and every instance will automatically get the update.

You can create tags from multiple sources all in the same project. Bring in values from multiple PLCs, different OPC servers, and other tags without any limitations. You are also free to structure your tags in a way that makes sense to your project.

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