Web-Based Deployment

Server Centric
Ignition's server-centric model lets you manage all of your data from one location to facilitate easy access to your information in real time, giving your business what it needs to thrive.

Developing and deploying projects is quick and painless using Ignition. With the included Designer, you can create and test your project from anywhere.

Making modifications to your project is a breeze. Once you’ve made your changes, publish them to all of your clients in the field with one click.

Ignition is incredibly flexible and scalable. Need one local client? Need twenty launched from all around the country? No problem.

Ignition is server-based, but that server can be located wherever you would like it to be. You have the freedom to set up Ignition in your own private local network or on a public cloud network. Ignition clients are web-launched and can securely connect to your server whether it’s at your facility, or in the cloud.

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