Connecting 93 Sites with Maps, Dashboards, and More

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Project Scope

  • Tags: 15,779
  • Screens: More than 70
  • Clients: 74
  • Alarms: 122
  • Devices: 34 Siemens 27-300 devices, 29 Beckhoff CX8190 devices, 98 Ewon Flexy devices
  • Architecture: Standard
  • Databases: 2 Microsoft SQL Server
  • Historical data logged: 4,849

Project Overview

This project for Manila Water Company integrates remote local control systems of water-supply and used-water facilities, in different locations, into a centralized SCADA system for remote data gathering, operations monitoring, and enterprise integration. Ignition is connected to 93 sites.



There was no centralized monitoring for status and plant performance on remote locations. Also, manual calculations were needed for operations analysis and reporting. Manila Water also had difficulty coordinating the manual acquisition of information from different plant sites.



The solution was to automate the process of data collection with a centralized Ignition SCADA system. Online access to data is provided via desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones. Controtek also created a tool for operations data and alarm monitoring, and reporting.

The system now has one absolute data repository. It also includes comprehensive dashboards and detailed maps. With Ignition’s modules for reports, alarm notification, visualization and history, Controtek was able to meet Manila Water Company’s requirements and exceed its expectations. With Ignition, Controtek is able to provide high-quality interfaces that are custom-tailored to the needs or preferences of specific customers.



Manila Water is now able to showcase its new SCADA system, not just because of the functions and accuracy of data and calculations, but also because of standardized user interfaces and dashboards that fit the latest trends in visual presentation. 

Manual intervention on calculations has also improved. Monitoring of plant status and reports are simplified and easily accessible. Also, there is no need for daily reminders of sending reports to plant managers because of the scheduled sending of reports and automatic sending of critical alarm data via email.

With Ignition’s scalable modular architecture and the map module created by Kymera Systems, Controtek incorporated an additional feature that displays map views with pins that represent each station’s status and operations. Users can quickly drill down for more data.

Project Information

Created By:   Controtek Solutions

Controtek Solutions, based in the Philippines, is committed to providing automation solutions of high-quality standards, specifically automation solutions built on a dynamic, future-proof foundation of scalable technologies using the "Design for Future" solutions. Controtek is actively involved in defining and developing industry standards for sustainable engineering.


Project For:   Manila Water Company

Manila Water Company holds the exclusive right to provide water and used water services to the eastern side of Manila, capital of the Philippines. The company provides water treatment, water distribution, sewerage, and sanitation services to more than six million people in the East Zone, with a range of residential, commercial, and industrial customers. The East Zone encompasses 23 cities and municipalities.

Posted on October 1, 2020