Industry Panel: Exploring Digital Transformation

64 min video  /  1 minute read


Don Pearson

Chief Strategy Officer

Inductive Automation

Craig Resnick

Vice President

ARC Advisory Group

Jean-Paul Moniz

Technical Services Coordinator

Cameco Fuel Manufacturing

Dan Stauft

Director of Operational Technology


Keith Weerts

Chief Technical Officer

Blentech Corporation

Ravi Subramanyan

Director of Industry Solutions Manufacturing


Remus Pop

Sr. Partner Solution Architect

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

It takes coordination to revamp processes or upgrade machinery, but it’s a far more complicated task to establish change all the way from the plant floor to the C-suite. While the necessary Digital Transformation of manual operations may look different across a variety of industries, the critical benefits of increased stability, flexibility, and security remain consistent. Hear from a panel of industry thought leaders and experts as they explore how enterprise-wide solutions have led their companies to a new level of growth and answer your questions about large-scale Digital Transformation.

Posted on October 17, 2022