Solving Data Problems to Accelerate Digital Transformation

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Arlen Nipper

President & CTO

Cirrus Link Solutions

Kevin McClusky

Co-Director of Sales Engineering

Inductive Automation

Eric Hollering

Software Architect

Flexware Innovation

One of the biggest Digital Transformation challenges companies face is how to make the most of their data. Problems like stranded data, lengthy setup times for systems, and difficulties bringing IT and OT data together inhibit an organization’s ability to gather insights. Without these insights to fuel the decision-making process, many companies end up stalled on their Digital Transformation journey.

In this webinar, we’ll explore common data challenges and the features in Ignition that empower industrial organizations to overcome them. Join us to learn how to remove the roadblocks to innovation and enable rapid progress in your Digital Transformation.

  • See Digital Transformation success stories
  • Solve challenges in collecting, modeling, and accessing data
  • Put data to use in business and industrial applications
  • Leverage analytics and machine learning tools for valuable insights
Posted on June 10, 2022