The Unlimited SCADA Platform of the Future is Here

Ignition is the SCADA platform of choice for forward-thinking engineers and enterprises around the world. Now with a local distributor of Ignition in your area, there's never been a better chance to try Ignition for yourself.

Meet Ignition

With Ignition, you can seamlessly collect all your data, design any type of industrial application with ease, and instantly web-deploy clients to anyone, anywhere. Ignition acts as the hub for everything in your system, from plant floor equipment to SQL databases, seamlessly bridging the gap between production and IT.

Unlimited Licensing

For the affordable cost of one Ignition server license, you get an unlimited number of clients, tags, connections, and designers so you can build the exact system you need, without limits. Get your whole company connected for a fraction of what some other solutions cost, and put those savings back toward development, manpower, and expansion.

Unlimited Possibilities

Ignition is a powerful integrated development environment with everything you need to create virtually any kind of industrial application – SCADA, IIoT, MES and beyond – all on one platform.


Easily control, forget, display, and analyze your processes.


Make your data more accessible and efficient with MQTT.


Track your production, manage recipes, calculate OEE, and more.


Build optimized screens to monitor and control your machinery.


Build complex alarming systems with ease and get notifications instantly.


Easily create and deliver dynamic, database-driven industrial reports.

Edge Computing

Capture and visualize critical data at the remote edge of your network.


Empower your teams with better data to make smarter decisions.


Build mobile-responsive industrial applications using HTML5.

Inductive Automation by the Numbers

Inductive Automation created Ignition software in 2010 and has been using it ever since to help industrial organizations around the world improve the efficiency of their industrial automation systems.


Years in 
the industry


Fortune 100 
companies using Ignition



Countries with 
Ignition installations


Companies that use Ignition

Official Ignition Distributor

To best support our global community of Ignition users, Inductive Automation has partnered with several international distributors. The official distributor of Ignition products and support services in your area is Clarien Solutions.

Clarien Solutions

Get Started with Ignition

Inductive Automation partners with Clarien Solutions to support and sell Ignition and other Inductive Automation products in your region. Connect with them to start building your Ignition solution, get a full product demonstration, find expert system support, and more.