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FactorySQL is the easiest, most effective way to bridge the gap between PLCs and standard database systems. From simple data logging, to complicated web-based control systems, FactorySQL has the features and intuitive design to help you accomplish tasks easily and quickly.
FactorySQL uses industry standards like OPC and ODBC to seamlessly connect PLCs and Databases bi-directionally. Connect multiple PLCs (even if different brands) to virtually any database system(s) easily and naturally!
FactorySQL goes above and beyond normal data logging. Triggering, special item modes, and powerful Action Items are just a few ways that FactorySQL allows you to quickly build robust data manipulation systems.
Turns any SQL database into a high-performance industrial tag database.
Drag & Drop Configuration
Using browsing, projects can be configured in just seconds by dragging and dropping the desired tags.
Built in Email Alerts
Send alerts to any email address... desktop, pda, or most cell phones! Supports both digital and analog setpoints, with a range of options.
Simple Group Visualization
See which groups are running, which are stopped, and which have errors with just a glance.
Never lose control of your system and ensure gapless historical data.
Stored Procedure Group
Effortlessly map OPC data to and from stored procedure parameters.
Easy Browsing
With compatible OPC servers, browsing is as simple as navigating a tree. No complicated configuration, and no manual tag definitions.
Bi-Directional Data Transfer
Transfer data freely between PLCs and Databases, with a full range of options: timers, triggers, handshakes and more!
Supports Most PLCs and Database Systems
Using industry standard technologies like OPC and ODBC allows FactorySQL to talk to most major brands of PLCs and database systems.
Remote Configuration
Connect the configuration frontend to a remote service and configure projects from anywhere!
Block Data Group
Easily mirror large blocks of OPC data in the database.

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