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From data collection and processing, to storage and visualization, the Ignition platform provides unlimited solutions in the industrial space. Now, with Ignition Maker Edition®, you can apply the same powerful industrial-grade features of Ignition® to any number of your personal or educational projects — at no cost!

Whether you want to automate the lights in your home, manage a personal weather station, or simply learn the Ignition platform from anywhere, Ignition Maker Edition is your personal innovation engine to help you turn great ideas into reality.

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“The same individuals who are using Ignition every day to optimize production lines, track energy usage, and monitor operating conditions can now apply all of that knowledge to their own personal projects!”

Colby Clegg
Inductive Automation

Easy, Fun, & Free

Ignition Maker Edition is easy to learn, fun to use, and totally free. Whether you've used Ignition before or you're discovering the platform for the first time, start bringing your automation ideas to life with Ignition Maker Edition.

Industrial-Grade Software — Available for Anyone

If Ignition Maker Edition looks familiar, that’s because it is nearly identical to Ignition, featuring the same limitless capabilities and industry-leading features.

For Non-Commercial Use Only

Designed as a completely free tool for hobbyists, students, and individuals wanting to familiarize themselves with the platform. Ignition Maker Edition is not intended for industrial or professional use, or for any other monetary purpose, including using it in sales demos of Ignition.

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“I use Ignition for my home automation system and to manage my bills. Ignition is an ideal tool because it connects to anything and gives me the flexibility to customize the solution the way I want it and I can access it anywhere.”

Travis Cox
Chief Technology Evangelist,
Inductive Automation

Create Your Own Home Control Room

Ignition Maker Edition gives you the development and visualization tools you need to create your own central dashboard for managing all your IoT devices. Get real-time analytics, manage multiple devices, and collect data – all in one place.

Your Personal System Integration Platform

Ignition Maker Edition is cross-platform server software that's agile enough to run on your own computer. Ignition uses trusted technologies like SQL, Python, OPC UA, and MQTT so you can connect to just about any kind of database, PLC, and device.

Mobile devices running Ignition-build home automation dashboards

Create More Connections

Use up to 10k data points and 10 concurrent user sessions to connect to all the sensors and actuators your personal project requires.

Give Your DIY Application Cross-Platform Accessibility

With the Ignition Perspective® Module️, Ignition Maker Edition can deploy cross-platform HTML5 applications that run natively on any desktop, on any mobile device through the Perspective iOS and Android native apps, and any major web browser.

Drag-and-Drop Makes Coding Optional

Using the tools the Perspective Module adds to the Ignition Maker Edition Designer, you can easily build beautiful mobile-responsive applications using drag-and-drop capabilities.

Build Any Kind of Solution

Use industry-proven, integrated software modules within Ignition Maker Edition to build applications that will help bring better visualization, control, and functionality to your next DIY design.

Ignition Maker-Edition designer running on a desktop computer

Included Core Modules

Ignition Maker Edition offers many of the same core modules as Ignition and can be used to create any type of project, enhancing your creations with more functionality and capability. Users can add features such as charts and tables, mobile access, sophisticated logic systems, and much more.

Ignition Perspective Module

The visualization module for mobile-first industrial applications. Easily build pure-web, mobile-responsive, visually stunning applications for monitoring and control using HTML5.

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SQL Bridge Module

Easily bridge the gap between OPC data and SQL databases with the industry's most flexible and powerful transaction manager. Easily log data, call stored procedures, and synchronize data bi-directionally.

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Alarm Notification Module

Configure the logic for how, why, and when alarm notifications are delivered, manage alarm notification for groups of users, and send notifications via email.

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OPC UA Module

Connect to most major programmable logic controllers (PLCs) with the Ignition OPC UA Module. This module serves as a totally cross-platform OPC UA server with an open, pluggable driver system.

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Tag Historian Module

Turn a SQL database into a high-performance time-series tag historian.

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Reporting Module

Create dynamic, database-driven PDF reports with pixel-perfect layout — with ease.

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Included Drivers & Additional Modules

Beyond the core Ignition modules, Ignition Maker Edition includes several other Ignition modules to help you add even more specialized features and functions to your personal or educational projects.

Drivers for OPC UA Module

  • Modbus Driver
  • UDP and TCP Drivers Module
  • Allen-Bradley Driver Suite
  • Siemens Driver
  • Omron Driver
  • Opto 22 groov Epic SNAP PAC Driver

Sequential Function Charts
(SFC) Module

Streamline the creation, organization, and visualization of robust logic systems.

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Twilio Notification Module

Adds integration with Twilio via an SMS Alarm Notification Profile and scripting functions to send SMS.

Web Development Module

Allows users to directly program against the web server inside the Ignition Gateway.

Serial Module

Adds the ability to send and receive information over a serial port to Ignition.

Third-Party Modules

Ignition Maker Edition also supports modules from Inductive Automation's Strategic Partner, Cirrus Link. With these MQTT modules, you can set up a secure MQTT message-oriented middleware infrastructure that increases data availability.

Learn, Build & Share

Learn more, build faster, and share your projects using community resources like the Inductive Automation Forums, Ignition Exchange, and Inductive University.

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“… Being part of the Exchange and participating … together all of us will create better and better resources.”

Jason Hamlin