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Cross-Platform OPC UA Functionality

Inductive Automation, the first company to independently develop an OPC UA stack from scratch and successfully test it at a major interoperability workshop, offers the Ignition OPC UA Module, which adds OPC UA server and client functionality to an Ignition system. Connect Ignition to most major PLCs with this powerful, versatile module. The OPC UA Module and Core Drivers are included in the Ignition platform.

Module Data Sheet



Server & Client

The Ignition OPC UA Module provides both server and client functionality. As an OPC UA server, the module integrates with our suite of popular core drivers for Allen-Bradley, Siemens, Modbus, and Omron devices. As an OPC UA client, the module has the ability to make outgoing connections to third-party OPC UA servers. The OPC UA Module also features an open driver API, which allows you to write your own drivers for the module. Learn more at: inductiveautomation.com/developers/.

Based on Modern IT Protocols

The OPC UA specification is based on TCP, which means no more configuring DCOM. Your connections are made by IP address, so connecting to a remote machine is as easy as connecting to a local one.

Works on Any Major Desktop Operating System

One of the greatest things about OPC UA is that since it’s based on open technologies like TCP, it can be implemented on multiple platforms. And that’s just what we did. The Ignition OPC UA Module works just as well on Mac or Linux as it does on Windows, and can run on just about any system that supports Java.


Because the module is based on TCP, the same security methods are available that allow you to set up RSA encryption in just a few moments.


The Ignition OPC UA Module was built for speed by using the high-performance binary-TCP encoding and transport model in OPC UA. The multi-threaded device model was written to ensure fast updates and to enable massive concurrent tag counts.

Core Drivers

The Core Drivers are included in the Ignition platform.

Modbus Ethernet

The Modbus TCP Ethernet Driver for Ignition's OPC UA server provides a way to connect to any device that supports the Modbus TCP protocol for use in Ignition; for example, in the SQL Bridge and Vision modules.

The driver has a built-in address mapping feature which allows you to enter blocks of common addresses, and then the driver will create the individual addresses and display them in the OPC browser.

Driver documentation

UDP and TCP Drivers

An elegant, data collecting mechanism for barcode scanners, weigh scales, analytical equipment, and other similar devices.

Driver documentation

BACnet Driver

BACnet is a communications protocol for building automation and control networks. The BACnet driver implements BACnet/IP to provide access to HVAC, lighting control, access control, fire detection, and any other systems or devices that use this network.

Driver documentation

Allen-Bradley Driver Suite

The Allen-Bradley Ethernet Driver for Ignition's OPC UA server provides a way to connect to Allen-Bradley Ethernet controllers for use in Ignition; for example, in the SQL Bridge and Vision modules.

Driver documentation

Siemens Driver

The Siemens Ethernet Driver for Ignition's OPC UA server provides a way to connect to S7-300, S7-400, S7-1200, and S7-1500 Ethernet controllers for use in Ignition; for example, in the SQL Bridge and Vision modules.

Driver documentation

DNP3 Driver

A TCP/IP DNP3 master implementation that can connect to any DNP3 outstation. Supports data acquisition via class-based polling of events, unsolicited messaging, and explicit reads. Conforms to DNP3-L3. Note: Does not support DNP3-SA (Secure Authentication).

Driver documentation

Omron Driver

Connect to Omron devices. Supports newer devices such as NJ and NX series (via EtherNet/IP) and older devices in the CS and CJ series (via FINS).

IEC 61850 Driver

A driver for Ignition's OPC UA server that allows it to connect to IEC 61850-enabled IEDs and electrical equipment.

The driver acts as an MMS Client, allowing acquisition of status and measurement data by either polling or MMS Reports, as well as executing control operations using the control model defined by IEC 61850.

Driver documentation

Mitsubishi Driver

The Mitsubishi TCP Driver provides a reliable connection to Mitsubishi iQ-R, iQ-F (FX5U), Q, or L Series PLCs to exchange data between OPC clients and devices that support the MELSEC protocol.

This driver provides a user interface in the Ignition Gateway to create, import, and export tag addresses.

Driver documentation

Additional Connectivity Drivers

Additional Connectivity Drivers can be added to the Ignition platform.

EFM Emerson ROC Module for Ignition

Connect to the following device families: Emerson ROC 107, 300 & 800 Series flow computers. EFM driver supports real-time, alarm, historical, and event data.

Opto 22 groov Epic SNAP PAC Driver

This driver connects to the following Opto22 products: SNAP‑PAC‑R1, SNAP‑PAC‑R2, SNAP‑PAC‑S1, SNAP‑PAC‑S2, SOFTPAC, GRV‑EPIC‑PR1.

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