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See and Control Your Process in Real Time

Free your operators from manually tracking process data on whiteboards and clipboards by creating dynamic, beautiful, real-time dashboards and control screens with the Ignition Vision Module. Use the Vision Module to quickly build any type of visualization for your industrial organization: HMI, historical trending, and alarming screens, plus charts, graphs, and much more.

“Reporting, graphs, charts, all the brewing information, information from the lab, even tracking the trucks coming in and out of the yard, we see it all in real time using Ignition.”

Ron Mayfield
Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.

Major Features

Real-Time Status & Control

Screen courtesy of Wunderlich-Malec

Securely display, analyze, and manage what's happening in your facility right now — Ignition makes it easy through the combination of real-time status and control functionality, SQL database integration, the Vision Module's powerful graphical capabilities and solid security support.

Instantly Launch Unlimited Clients

With the Ignition Vision Module, you can launch an unlimited number of rich runtime clients to as many HMIs, industrial panels, PCs, and laptops as you need.

Easily Interface with PLCs and Databases

With Ignition, you can easily connect to any major type of PLC or database and integrate that data into your SCADA system. With powerful, easy-to-use property binding capabilities, the Vision Module lets you create applications that display database information to any screen and write data directly to any database.

Screen courtesy of The Integration Group of Americas

At-A-Glance Analysis Made Simple

Display real-time and historical data on customizable charts, tables, and graphs. Quickly set up dashboards, track key performance indicators (KPIs), and view trends. Use with the Alarm Notification Module to quickly set up real-time alarming screens.

Create New Screens in Minutes

The included Ignition Designer is packed with tools that make development quick and intuitive. Use drag-and-drop to easily and instantly bind data to inputs, displays, tables, and other components. Cut down on development hours with time-saving component templates.

Easily Add Graphics and Animations

Vision gives you many ways to bring your process to life with powerful graphics and animation tools. Import any SVG file, choose from nearly 4,000 ready-made images available with the Symbol Factory Module, or draw your own vector graphics. Easily create animations by binding shape properties to data values.

Screen courtesy of Martin Control Systems

Built-In Python Scripting

Achieve advanced functionality using the built-in Python scripting engine. The Python scripting language is well-supported, powerful, and easy to learn and read, so your projects are easy to maintain.

Add Secure Client Authentication

With Ignition 8.1, the Vision Module supports industry-leading encryption protocols, and supports modern, web-based authentication strategies such as federated identity, multi-factor authentication (MFA), and single sign-on (SSO). Its new permissions model enables role-based security for complete system protection.

Plant-Floor Proven

The Ignition Vision Module is perfect for plant-floor, standalone HMIs, and desktop screens. It’s fast, reliable and proven, after more than 10 years of plant-floor use and countless installations around the world.

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Long-Term Supported

With Ignition 8.1, the Vision Module is getting long-term support, which means it will be supported with new fixes and improvements for five years after the release of Ignition 8.1.

Vision & Perspective® - Two Visualization Modules to Choose From

Vision and Perspective Together Vision and Perspective Together

Ignition has two visualization modules: Vision and Perspective. Vision has been around for years and is in extensive use in just about every industry. Perspective is Ignition's newest visualization module. It leverages HTML5 to allow users to build mobile-responsive industrial applications that run natively on any screen. While both Vision and Perspective support desktops, HMIs, and control room displays, Perspective also offers visualization and control on any mobile device.

Learn More about Ignition Perspective

“My favorite thing with Vision is the vector graphics, being able to draw paths and being able to use that to create really clean graphics.”

Todd Ebright

More Features

Do Even More with the Vision Module

Update All Screens With One Click

Just make changes to the master project screen and update all your client screens instantly by clicking the update button.

High-Resolution Screen Support

Vision client screens always look sharp, thanks to their clean, modern design and support for high-resolution displays.

Supports SSL

Every Vision client is secured using SSL protocols. Use authentication groups to limit access to certain areas of a project.

Native Client Launchers

With native client launchers for Windows, Mac, and Linux, you can easily launch clients to any major operating system without needing plugins.

Built with the Power of Ignition

Vision runs on Ignition's universal platform and works seamlessly with Ignition Edge and all Ignition modules including Alarming, Reporting, Ignition Perspective, and more.

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