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Ignition® gives you all the tools necessary to make your system as secure as you need it to be. Ignition is built on a solid, unified architecture and proven, industrial-grade security technology, which is why industrial organizations all over the world have been trusting Ignition for years with their mission-critical systems.

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Secure Communications

Ignition supports secure communication so you can seamlessly integrate your Ignition system with your existing security strategy. We know that your industrial data is vital to your business: that's why Ignition comes with the ability to safeguard your data with ultra-secure TLS 1.2 and 1.3 technologies. TLS is trusted by financial institutions all over the world to protect data and the communications channel it passes through.

Powerful Client Authentication

Ignition supports modern, web-based authentication strategies such as federated identity, multi-factor authentication (MFA), and single sign-on (SSO). With Ignition you can centralize identity management through trusted federated identity technologies such as SAML and OpenID Connect. Ignition gives you the power to assign user roles natively or to integrate with corporate network security using Microsoft Active Directory™. You can grant access to system areas for different users, and turn access on and off with the click of a button.

Keep Informed with Easy System Auditing

Ignition’s built-in user auditing gives administrators incredible insights about what is happening in the system, when and where it is happening, and who is doing what. This enables you to quickly resolve issues and mitigate costly downtime incidents.

Easily Control Security Settings

Ignition provides a wide degree of system control, putting you in the driver's seat of your security strategy. Security levels allow you to grant different permissions to users, operators, and officers. User roles give you control over who has access to a project and what they are able to do. You can fine-tune client security by giving individuals differing levels of access; you can even control access to individual tags.

Set Up Security by Location

Ignition's powerful security zones let you set up security rules based on location. Using security zones with user roles, you can control how and where a user can access the system, whether they are in a specific area on the plant floor or a remote site. Based on these zones, users can only access the system's functionality from assigned locations.

“With the Ignition SDK, we can put in our own protective measures and our own tracking. With our cloud server, we depend a lot on our firewalls and certificates. Ignition has played well with all of that with no problem.”

David Pitzer
Tyrion Integration Services

Security Starts Here

Trust in a product begins with trust in the company. Inductive Automation employs meticulous measures to ensure the safety and security of our entire infrastructure, from our facilities to our employees. Modern tech like next-gen firewalls and Virtual Private Clouds drive our network security. IA encrypts all data and applies Zero Trust principles to limit unnecessary access. We also run penetration tests to identify vulnerabilities, have onsite surveillance, and require annual employee training to help thwart outside threats.

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