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Press Release / March 17, 2020

Inductive Automation Expands Again, Buys Land for Two New Buildings

Strong Revenue Growth Drives Expansion

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News / March 12, 2020

Inductive Automation Designates Element8 an Authorized Ignition Distributor

Will Provide Local Ignition Sales, Support, and Training

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News / March 3, 2020

ARC Industry Forum Video Interview with Inductive Automation Exec

Discusses Current Initiatives and Future Outlook

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Industry Article / Feb. 25, 2020

Automation World Covers Growth of Open-Source Software

Inductive Automation Expert Offers Insights

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Industry Article / Feb. 24, 2020

Control Magazine Story About Edge Computing Includes Ignition Edge

MQTT Also Discussed

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Industry Article / Feb. 24, 2020

Water & Wastes Digest Features Groundbreaking Ignition Project

First Membrane Bioreactor Wastewater Treatment Plant in Arkansas

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Industry Article / Feb. 9, 2020

Automation World Reports on Announcements from Inductive Automation at ARC Industry Forum

New and Improved Tools for Digital Transformation

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Press Release / Feb. 3, 2020

Inductive Automation Announces New and Improved Solutions for Digital Transformation

Roadblocks Eliminated with Ignition Industrial Application Platform

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News / Feb. 3, 2020

Automation World Presents Seven Awards to Inductive Automation

Leadership in Automation Awards, First Team

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Industry Article / Jan. 24, 2020

Control Magazine Describes Impressive Project Enabled by Ignition

MQTT, Edge Devices, and Ignition Combine For New Solution

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