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Ignition HMI/SCADA Software Pricing

Packages & Individual Modules

Custom configurations available upon request 1 SCADA HMI Pricing Chart
Packages offer discounts on popular combinations of modules, making it easy to get started with Ignition.
The Works • $12,512
Save $1,788

Everything you need! Save $1,788 when you buy The Works, our most popular package. Includes the SQL Bridge, Vision, Reporting, Alarm Notification and Symbol Factory modules. License includes unlimited clients and tags.

The Works Plus • $17,425
Save $3,075

Save even more by bundling The Works package with the SFC and Mobile modules.

The Works Limited • $7,215
Save $585

Purchase The Works package with only 5 clients for smaller installations. License includes unlimited tags. Includes the SQL Bridge, Vision Limited Edition, Reporting and Symbol Factory modules (does not include the Alarm Notification Module).

The Works Lite • $2,600

Perfect for 1-client installations. Log data and configure alarms. License includes 1 client and unlimited real-time tags; does not include historical tags. Includes SQL Bridge Limited Edition and Vision Limited Edition 1-Client modules.

The Works Mission Critical • $32,130
Save $5,670

Link two Ignition systems together to create a fault-tolerant redundant pair. Avoid data loss and downtime when the unexpected happens. Save $5,670 with this package. Includes two licenses for the SQL Bridge, Vision, Reporting, Alarm Notification, and SFC modules, and one license for the Mobile and Symbol Factory modules.

Hub and Spoke • Up to 15% discount

Increase the reliability of your remote data collection. Deploy multiple SQL Bridge modules in remote locations that use store-and-forward to send data to a central database. Purchases are eligible for up to a 15% discount with one Vision Module and multiple licenses for the SQL Bridge module.

Customize your installation by purchasing individual Ignition modules that fit your needs. You only need to purchase modules when they are not part of a package.
Vision Module • $6,800

Creates powerful HMI / SCADA clients that launch anywhere on your network. Access real-time and historical data (SQL Bridge Module required). Includes unlimited clients, screens, and data points. Limited edition (up to 5 concurrent clients) available for $3,600. Add the Symbol Factory Module for an additional $500.

SQL Bridge Module • $2,600

Bridges PLC data from OPC to SQL databases. Includes transaction group manager and SQLTags Historian. Unlimited data points. Limited edition (basic SQL data logging only) available for $1000.

Reporting Module • $2,300

Creates dynamic, database-driven PDF reports.

Alarm Notification Module • $2,100

Adds core alarm notification functionality to Ignition and allows you to build logic for alarm pipelines and 2-way email notification.

SMS Notification Module • $600

Allows you to set up SMS notification for alarms. Requires Alarm Notification Module and an Airlink LS300 (not included).

Voice Notification Module • $700

Allows you to set up voice notification for alarms. Includes one language voice. Additional voices are required to support multiple languages; $200 each. Requires Alarm Notification Module and some SIP-compatible VoIP service, such as your office VoIP server, Skype Connect or an IP Telephony Gateway appliance* to bridge to a standard phone line (not included).

*Examples of an IP Telephony Gateway appliance are: Atcom IP02/IP04 (the number indicates the phone lines, Ignition can only use 1 line at a time), Grandstream HT-503, GXW410x (It is the FXO port that connects to the phone line).

Mobile Module • $2,700

Extends the Vision Module to provide access to compatible mobile devices. Create custom dashboards and mobile apps to access data on the go.

Symbol Factory Module • $500

Vector graphics clipart library with an emphasis on industrial symbols. Symbols can be imported and modified within Ignition.

Sequential Function Charts (SFC) Module • $3,500

The Ignition SFC Module is a powerful visual editor and script execution engine to streamline the creation, organization, and visualization of robust logic systems.

Ignition Web Browser Module • $500

Easily embed a web browser into your Ignition project (module sold separately).

OPC-COM Module • $350

Connect to classic COM based OPC servers. It supports OPC-DA 2 & 3, for Windows® only.

OPC-COM+HDA Module • $700

Includes all features of the OPC-COM Module and adds HDA connectivity.

OPC-UA Module • free

A cross-platform, high-performance OPC-UA server with a pluggable driver model. Includes drivers for many popular protocols.

Minimum System Requirements

Java SE 8+ (server)
Java SE 6+ (client)
Dual-Core Processor (32 or 64 bit)
10GB free HD space
(requirements vary by usage)

Database Support

Ignition by Inductive Automation® supports most SQL databases. It has been used in production successfully with the following:

  • Microsoft SQLServer
  • Oracle
  • IBM DB2
  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • Firebird
  • Others

For others, the differences between SQL syntax are easily reconciled in a database definition file.

1. Bulk, OEM, site, and corporate licenses are available. Call for details.
2. Any Real-Time Tag may additionally be enabled as a “Historical Tag”. This provides easy, efficient logging including data compression, retrieval optimization and automatic table management, including table partitioning, in any SQL database you provide.
3. This is simple drag and drop data logger without compression or other optimization. Selected OPC items are represented as columns in a table of any SQL database you provide.
4. Transaction Groups provide powerful database /PLC connectivity and manipulation tools. This is the engineer’s “Swiss Army Knife” which enables the creation of sophisticated data intensive applications (which would otherwise not be possible without extensive custom programming and advanced programming skills).
Note: Bulk, OEM, site, and corporate licenses are available. Call for details.

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