Inductive Automation Integrator Program

Grow Your Integration Business with Ignition


Join the fast-growing Inductive Automation Integrator Program to become a registered integrator of Ignition software and gain a partner with strong roots in the integration business who is committed to your success.

Program Benefits

The Inductive Automation Integrator Program has been at the core of our business strategy since our inception in 2003. We understand that our success is largely dependent upon the success of our integrators. To that end, our Integrator Program is designed to make each of our integrators as successful as possible.

Free Support

We don't charge our integrators for technical support. There are no annual or per-incident support fees. Why should you pay for support when you are promoting and selling our software? You support your customers, we support you.

No Obligations

We do not require you to offer our software first or exclusively. You are the integrator, we encourage you to make the best software recommendations for your customer's project.

Discounts on Ignition Software Purchases

Becoming a member of the Integrator Program instantly qualifies you for discounts on all Ignition software. The greater your certification level, the greater the discounts.

Website Listings

As an Inductive Automation Integrator, you are eligible to be listed on our integrator search. Acquiring more certifications and improving your status within the Integrator Program strengthens your website presence.

No Up-Front Costs

Implementing a system using Ignition software doesn't cost anything up front. The free, full-featured Ignition Designer never times out, allowing you to develop an entire project without spending a cent.

Co-Marketing Opportunities with Inductive Automation

Registration to the Integrator Program grants you access to a selection of materials for marketing Ignition, and premier-level integrators qualify to participate in co-marketing opportunities with Inductive Automation.

See why integrator partnerships thrive with Inductive Automation:


From onboarding new employees to winning new clients, Vertech gets more done with Inductive Automation.


See how Brown Engineers has leveraged the Integrator Program to further its success.

“My advice is to utilize Inductive Automation. They have wonderful reps and wonderful technical support.”

– Chris McLaughlin
Vertech Industrial Systems

“Almost 20 years in the business and I have never seen the kind of adoption I've seen with the Ignition package from customers, integrators, and hardware vendors alike.”

– Mo Moore
Industrial Networking Solutions