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Inductive Automation Integrator Program

Grow Your Integration Business with Ignition

Ignition Software can help your integration company meet the needs of practically any end user.

Join the fast-growing Inductive Automation Integrator Program to become a registered provider of Ignition and gain a partner with strong roots in the integration business and a commitment to your success.

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Program Benefits

There are no upfront costs or obligations to join the Integrator Program. Your company receives great benefits right when you sign up, and can earn more as you progress through the program.

Benefits of Signing Up:
  • 100% free tech support
  • Discount on all Ignition software purchases
  • A listing on our website as an Ignition integrator
Benefits of Active Membership
  • Deeper discount on Ignition software
  • More prominent listing on the 'Find an Integrator' web page
  • Sales support
  • Co-marketing opportunities with Inductive Automation

What Integrators are Saying About the Program

Taking on Any Project with Ignition

Kymera Systems can always say "yes" to new projects and customer requests because they haven't found anything that Ignition can't do.

Using Ignition to Power Innovative Solutions

Brown engineers leverages Ignition's ease of development and feature-rich toolset to create award-winning projects for their clients.

Keeping a Cutting Edge with Ignition

From small manufacturers to Fortune 500 companies, Live Automation's customers are impressed with what Ignition can do.

"My advice is to utilize Inductive Automation. They have wonderful reps and wonderful technical support."

Chris McLaughlin,
Vertech Industrial Systems

"The way Inductive Automation has been real supportive of us as integrators and really trying to empower us ... that's not the norm and it feels like we're part of the team."

Dee Brown,
Brown Engineers

"Every time I'm working on a project, I ask myself, 'I think I can make this better' and Ignition gives me the desire and the tools to do that."

Bryan Riley,
Trimax Systems

Join the Program Now!

Sign up for the Inductive Automation Integrator Program today and start winning more projects tomorrow. It's free and takes only a few minutes.

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