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One Platform, Unlimited Possibilities

Ignition is the world’s first truly universal industrial application platform because it empowers you to connect all of the data across your entire enterprise, rapidly develop any type of industrial automation system, and scale your system in any way, without limits.

SCADA, IIoT, and MES on One Platform

Ignition’s modular architecture makes it easy to customize your system by building the exact industrial automation applications you need. Its server-centric web-deployment model is flexible enough for any architecture and scalable enough for companies of any size. Ignition’s power and flexibility make it perfect for SCADA, IIoT and MES systems that work together seamlessly on one platform.

Ignition's robust toolset for data acquisition, real-time status and process controls, optimized HMIs, and analytics make it the ideal SCADA platform. Ignition’s affordability, scalability, and capabilities make it the world’s best.

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Ignition SCADA

Ignition is the ideal platform for IIoT because it’s the only platform on the market that has the three core elements needed to make IIoT work: open connectivity, unlimited storage, and agile applications.

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Ignition IIoT

Ignition’s ability to connect to both plant-floor and enterprise systems on one platform makes it an extremely powerful MES platform that can connect your SCADA and ERP systems.

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Ignition MES
Ignition installs in minutes

Installs In Minutes

The Ignition platform is designed specifically for Industrial applications so it’s stable, secure, and streamlined. Ignition only takes 3 minutes to install. Install it once, in one place on the server, and then you can instantly launch client screens to just about any device.

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Ignition software runs on anything

Runs on Anything

Ignition is totally cross-platform so it runs on Windows, macOS, and Linux. You can also install it on a server, a laptop, and a tablet — you can even run Ignition Edge on an embedded device. Ignition can go practically anywhere you need to get the data you want.

Ignition software runs on anything

Ignition Platform Features


Licensing Model

Add unlimited clients, screens, tags, connections & devices

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Scalable Server-Client Architecture

Easily deploy at one or more sites or in the Cloud

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Build any kind of industrial application to perfectly fit your processes

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Cross-Platform Compatibility

Ignition works with any major operating system


Web-Launch on Desktop or Mobile

Use it on any web-enabled PC or mobile device


Based on IT-Standard Technology

Built on SQL, Java, Python, MQTT & OPC UA

One Open Platform: Total System Integration

Ignition is the complete system integration tool, it’s totally cross-platform, and built upon trusted information technologies like Java, SQL and Python, as well as open process technologies like OPC UA and MQTT. The Ignition platform’s open API and its ability to easily connect to any database, PLC, field device and line-of-business application makes it the ideal bridge to seamlessly integrate operational and enterprise systems together.

Secure Your Mission-Critical Data

Ignition protects your data with ultra-secure SSL technology: the same encryption technology banks use. With built-in client authentication and auditing, you can restrict user access and see what they’ve been doing. With these features plus easy system restoration and redundancy, Ignition has won the trust of many Fortune 100 companies for their mission-critical systems.

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Ignition Onboard

The Ignition platform is flexible enough to work on just about any device, it can even be embedded on devices on the edge of the network. That’s why a number of companies are pre-installing Ignition Edge onboard their products.

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“It’s a canvas that you can paint your business processes on … It’s a platform, and we can build anything we want to build on it.”

– Mark Daugherty

Overbridge Technology

Creating tag tools in Ignition for porting from other SCADA platforms for Continental Cement

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