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icc | 2021 Keynote  |  Building Automation

Keynote: Smarter. Faster. Stronger.

At ICC 2019, we discussed the limitless possibilities of Ignition. Last year we envisioned the bright future of innovation in store for the Ignition community. Now, at ICC 2021, as the industrial world changes, the community continues to evolve to create smarter, faster, and stronger solutions than ever before. Join the leaders of Inductive Automation as they discuss the growth of the company and the community over the last year. In this year’s keynote, we’ll celebrate the community’s innovation by looking at the fantastic success they are achieving using the Ignition platform to evolve the industry for the better.

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icc | 2021 Build-a-Thon  |  Aerospace

Ignition Build-A-Thon: Vertech vs. Flexware

Travis, Kevin, and Kent are back for an all-new and evolved Build-a-Thon! This time, instead of keeping the glory all for themselves, Travis and Kevin will each be coaching a new competitor from two of the top integration companies in the Ignition community, Vertech and Flexware, to compete for the Build-a-Thon belt. Join us at this year’s jam-packed, live-streamed competition for bigger fun, bigger laughs, and bigger builds as the competitors build “next-gen” versions of an HMI and dashboard, using their own newly developed Ignition Exchange resource.

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icc | 2021 Panel  |  Aerospace

Integrator Panel: Which New Technologies are Fads or the Future

During this panel discussion, you'll hear the leaders of some of the Ignition community's most successful integration companies discuss new technologies and innovations that are evolving the industry. Ideas and terms like IIoT and the cloud once seemed foreign but are now increasingly commonplace within the industrial sphere. What new trends and innovations will prove to be more than just buzzwords, but actual mainstays key to a company’s future success? How are automation professionals responding to these technologies? Hear our expert integrator panel answer these and other questions as they discuss what actually adds value within the industry and what's just hype in this fascinating panel discussion.

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icc | 2021 Panel  |  Building Automation

ICC 2021 Developer Panel

What’s coming up for Ignition? What new features and fixes do the developers have planned for the next year? Join us for this year’s all-new, live-streamed Developer Panel featuring Inductive Automation’s VP of Technology, Colby Clegg, and Director of Software Engineering, Carl Gould, as they tackle your questions and give insight into what’s in store for the Ignition Platform.

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icc | 2021 Panel  |  Food and Beverage

Industry Panel: Enterprise Evolution - Successes and Challenges of Digital Transformation

Shifting away from manual data processes through digital transformation has proven to be critical for a company’s stability, security, and growth, but it’s also easier said than done. Join thought leaders and experts from various automation verticals as they discuss the challenges and benefits of digital transformation at the enterprise level, share their personal experiences, and answer your questions about digital transformation.

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icc | 2021 Community Session  |  Automotive

Creating Perspective Graphics Using Inkscape

This session will offer a quick introduction to the Inkscape vector design program and a hands-on demonstration of how to use Inkscape to create SVG files, import them into Perspective, and animate them in Ignition.

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icc | 2021 Community Session  |  Construction Materials

How to Develop a Low-Cost, Open Source Machine Learning Solution Using Ignition

The benefits of applying machine learning in complex industrial systems can be immense, and Enuda has found an open-source approach using Ignition that can give the benefits of ML at a low cost. In this session, you'll learn how they did it by exploring their considerations, testing (and failures), as well as why they decided on using a combination of Docker, Flask framework, and Ignition to create their solution. The session will include an example using the chosen environment for a practical case, and advice on how to get started with machine learning and Ignition.

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icc | 2020 Keynote  |  Building Automation

ICC 2020 Keynote

As we enter a new decade, let’s look together with fresh eyes and envision a prosperous new future where the arbitrary limitations of the past are gone and innovation is free and open for all. Join the leaders of Inductive Automation at our annual keynote address as they reflect on the past year in the Ignition community, envision what the future holds for the industry, and share exciting glimpses of where the Ignition platform is headed and what that means for Ignition users.

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icc | 2019 Keynote  |  Building Automation

ICC 2019 Keynote

The industrial automation space has seen amazing growth and change in the past few years, opening up endless possibilities for manufacturing professionals and the software they use. Empowered with unlimited licensing, driven by a passion for problem-solving, and energized by collaboration with colleagues from around the globe, the Ignition Community has redefined conventional boundaries to create virtually limitless opportunities for growth and innovation in the industrial automation field and beyond. Join Inductive Automation’s leadership team as they discuss the future of the company, Ignition, and the industry in this exciting annual keynote address. Be sure to come early – this session is always a full house!

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icc | 2018 Keynote  |  Building Automation

ICC 2018 Keynote

The world of industrial automation is changing for the better and the Ignition community of industrial professionals are leading the way. In this special extended keynote, you'll hear from Inductive Automation's leadership about the exciting new developments at the company, in the Ignition community, and for the Ignition platform as you get a preview of the game-changing new features of Ignition 8. This is a must-see event!

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icc | 2017 Keynote  |  Building Automation

Keynote ICC 2017

As the effects of rapid technological change continue to be felt by companies and organizations everywhere, it's essential to understand the real meaning behind the latest industry trends and to see the guiding philosophy behind the company's recent product updates. In this opening keynote session, Inductive Automation's top thought leaders will discuss their vision for keeping the Ignition platform and the Ignition community at the forefront of the industrial data revolution.

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icc | 2016 Keynote  |  Building Automation

Keynote: Accelerating the Evolution of Industrial Automation

With new technologies advancing and more data and devices being connected together than ever before, the growth of industrial automation is accelerating at a dizzying pace. As operational and information technologies continue to converge, the Ignition platform is positioned at the epicenter of this new industrial revolution. Hear about how Ignition is accelerating the evolution of industrial automation and where it's going next at this keynote address.

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