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Hear how easy it is to build HMIs on any budget
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Powerful HMI Software That's Easy to Use

Ignition HMI is a powerful software solution for rapidly developing high-performance human-machine interfaces (HMI) designed to optimize operator efficiency. Ignition makes working with HMIs easy, it installs in minutes on virtually any device, and updating an HMI with Ignition is fast and painless. With the included Ignition Designer, you can build, secure HMIs with historical trending, alarming, and more with drag-and-drop ease.

Benefits of Using Ignition:

Unlimited licensing icon
Unlimited Licensing:

Unlimited reports, clients, and tags at no extra cost

HMI Scada deployment icon

Remotely configure and manage your HMI through the web

Universal platform icon
Universal Platform:

HMI, SCADA, alarming, and more — on one platform

Rapid development icon
Rapid Development:

Comes with a powerful, unlimited, zero-install Integrated Development Environment — for free

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Works With Any Touch Panel

Ignition works on any major touch panel or web-enabled device

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Industry-Leading Support:

The industry’s best tech support and training

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“I’ve used almost every major HMI package that’s out there … I wanted to pick the winner, and I feel strongly that I picked the right product with Ignition.”

– John Pegram

Integrated Security Controls

After comparing all the major HMI packages, Integrated Control Systems chose Ignition — find out why.

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Major Features

The Industry's Most Powerful HMI Designer - For Free

HMI Software Designer

Screens courtesy of Tamaki Control (middle, right)

Ignition comes standard with the Ignition Designer, the most powerful integrated development environment in the industry. With pre-built optimized components, intuitive vector-based 2D drawing tools, and powerful templates, Ignition comes with an industry-leading set of development tools with everything you’ll need to rapidly build beautiful HMIs that optimize operator performance.

PLC connections

Connect to Any PLC

Ignition is equipped with OPC UA so it can easily connect to third-party OPC servers. It also has available driver suites for Modbus, Siemens, Allen-Bradley, BACnet and more, so you can easily connect to virtually any kind of industrial device.

PLC connections
HMI Software Screens

Screens courtesy of Innovatronica S.A.

Turn Any Screen Into an HMI

Ignition works on any version of Windows, macOS, Linux, and more, so you can install it on any industrial HMI or device. With support for ARM processors, it can also run on the latest generation of efficient edge-of-network devices.

HMI process control screen

Screen courtesy of Tamaki Control

See and Control Your Processes

Ignition is the best HMI/SCADA software solution to quickly view the real-time status of your machines, monitor multiple data points at multiple locations, and start and stop processes with the push of a button.

Historical data charts HMI

Analyze Historical Data

Easily connect to a SQL database to store and display historical data on customizable charts, tables, and graphs to view trends and track KPIs at-a-glance.

Historical data charts HMI

Screen courtesy of Feprom Solutions

Enterprise-wide HMIs

Enterprise-Wide HMIs

Ignition works great as a single standalone industrial HMI software solution. Additionally, as part of a larger HMI/SCADA software solution, Ignition has the unique ability to connect all your HMIs together into one enterprise-wide solution that you can centrally manage, update, and deploy.

Mobile Responsive HMI dashboard

Build Fully Mobile-Responsive HMI Applications

With the Ignition Perspective Module, you get all the tools you need to build beautiful, totally mobile-responsive HMI applications that put the full control of your plant floor right on your phone or mobile device. Ignition lets you leverage the power of your mobile device’s intuitive touch inputs, sensors, cameras, and GPS to create the next generation of HMI applications. With Ignition, you can create advanced HMI software applications built with HTML5 and CSS3 to run natively on any device.

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More Features

Do Even More with Ignition HMI Software

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Alarm Notification

Easily stay aware of what’s happening at your facility, wherever you are.

client fallback icon
Local-Client Fallback

With a built-in data buffer, you’ll never have to worry about losing your critical data.

perspective symbol icon
Perspective Symbols

Add customizable pre-built, data-driven dynamic graphics for valves, motors, pumps, and more.

integration icon
Seamless Integration with Ignition SCADA

All Ignition solutions work seamlessly together for easy system integration.

reliability icon
Rock-Solid Reliability

Ignition is built to just work so you never have downtime due to faulty HMI screens.

symbol factory icon
Symbol Factory

Choose from thousands of customizable graphics for your project.

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Instant Installs and Updates

Install on a device or server in just 3 minutes; push updates to clients everywhere, instantly.

cross platform icon
Totally Cross-Platform

Works on Windows, Linux, macOS, and more.

file restoration icon
Single File Restoration

With single file restoration, you can get your HMIs back into action quickly.

designer icon
Concurrent Web-Launched Designers

Comes out of the box with unlimited, concurrent design clients for free.

unlimited tags icon
Unlimited Tags

Stop paying per tag — one price gets you all the tags you need.

ssl security icon
Strong Security for Today's World

Ignition features ultra-secure SSL technology and supports modern cyber security protocols such as federated identity infrastructure, multi-factor authentication (MFA), and single sign-on (SSO).