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customer project Recycling

Strong Scalability with the Cloud, MQTT, Mobility & More

The team at ESM developed a scalable asset management system to monitor performance and meet service requirements for a client with systems deployed all over Australia. Using a mix of MQTT and legacy FTP-enabled gateways in the field, we harnessed the scalability of Ignition to provide a platform that allowed the client to add, remove, and manage connected assets without the need to open the Ignition Designer.

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customer project

Custom ERP Software for a Variety of Businesses

North Point Technology, LLC has created ProFusionSM, a cloud-based, software-as-a-service (SaaS) ERP system designed for small project-based businesses that need all the features of the big brands without the price tag. North Point calls it “ERP for the Rest of Us.”

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customer project Manufacturing

Real-Time and Historical Data Improve OEE

Daimler Trucks North America (DTNA) contracted Piedmont Automation to build a monitoring & control system that would enable DTNA’s operators to call for help and still keep the continuous assembly lines running.

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customer project Oil and Gas

Largest Offshore Oil Operation in Argentina Improves Production

ENAP Argentina has operations in the Austral Basin and the San Jorge Gulf Basin. The Magallanes area has five oil and gas production platforms. It is the largest offshore operation in Argentina. ENAP has an integrated business model based on a strategic management process and projects, whose ultimate goal is to increase the value of the company with safety and responsibility, contributing to the integration and energy supply of Argentina and Chile.

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customer project Oil and Gas

SCADA Migration, Connection to Enterprise for Large Oil & Gas Customer

This project involves the migration and updating of one of the largest SCADA systems in Ecuador developed in Wonderware. Its main challenges were to bring the customer’s operations from the late 1990s into the most modern technology for control and monitoring, and to deliver information from five field sites in the jungle into Agip’s corporate level located in its headquarters in Quito, Ecuador.

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New SCADA System Includes 3D Images, Mobility, and More Joanna Cortez Mon, 09/30/2019 - 14:47

Project Scope

  • Tags: 5,300
  • Screens: 55
  • Clients: 8
  • Alarms: 600
  • Devices used: 21 (Modicon Quantum and AB Control Logix)
  • Architectures used: Standard with Redundant Failover Server
  • Databases used: 2 MySQL
  • Historical data logged: 400

Project Overview

This was the first Ignition project done by MR Systems for the City of Anderson, South Carolina, to replace the City’s older, failing, iFix SCADA system. The Water Authority desired to go with a different package that would provide a significantly more robust, reliable, and flexible control system.


This project was required to replace the failing iFix system. The City wanted the flexibility of unlimited clients, as well as alarm notification capability. The desire for much easier access to historical data was also high on the list.


MR started the implementation of the system running in parallel with the City’s existing system to verify all the information was correct. The “live” editing nature of Ignition allowed for rapid development and checking of the new system to ensure accuracy. The main engineer on the project for MR, having come from more than 20 years of experience with Wonderware, found the Ignition platform to be exponentially easier to set up and configure, in addition to being very fast.

MR Systems went with the fully redundant Gateway server configuration, which worked without any issues whatsoever. The cost of this fully redundant system, even with the time required to recreate the existing system, was significantly less than it would have been to use another HMI package.

The older interface was cluttered and difficult to gain a complete understanding of the plant operation with, so MR completely redesigned the UI to make more of the critical information readily available.

Ignition proved to be absolutely the simplest system to work on. This was MR’s first Ignition project, but the company leveraged the free, online Inductive University courses to learn how Ignition works.

The fact that the historian is based on standard SQL has made the interaction with the historian much easier than HMI packages that use a proprietary storage format. While working on this project, the main engineer suffered a serious ankle fracture and was bedridden for two months. With a simple internet connection to the plant, he was able to continue working on the project without missing a beat. The plant personnel absolutely loved the ability for him to connect and change something in two minutes with them having immediate feedback.

By far, the most unique aspect of this project is that it utilizes fully rendered 3D images, including animated images for equipment in operation. The SCADA system is a series of actual 3D rendering of all areas of the plant, providing a more accurate visual representation of the system. These high-resolution graphics add a significant “wow” factor to the system, making it more appealing for operators to use. Operators almost feel like they are playing a video game. Where required, this 3D approach was used for more process type configurations, showing the entire distribution system of tanks and pump stations connected with piping.


The City of Anderson is extremely happy with its new system. Operators now have access from various workstations throughout the plant, and the application is also available on two iPads. This allows operators to take the system with them while making rounds.

The Water Plant not only had to control everything locally at the plant, but also an extensive remote telemetry system monitoring the distribution of water throughout the region. This was difficult from a single screen. MR created two projects for Anderson. The first was a complete system covering the local filter plant and the entire telemetry system. The second was custom designed for the control room, which contained eight 42-inch flat-screen monitors mounted on the wall. This provided the ability to display the eight most critical areas of the entire water treatment process, from the filter plant to the end distribution, all available with a quick glance. This is by far the biggest benefit the operators have mentioned about the new system.

The system has been much more stable than the older iFix system. There is little to no maintenance required by the plant staff. It just works, every time, all the time. MR Systems’ first foray into the Ignition world has gone much smoother than initial attempts with other packages. MR believes the software has been incredibly well thought out, and the tech support is leaps and bounds above any other HMI package. The company has noted that with Ignition support, it actually gets solutions to any problems, as opposed to the typical “install patch 1” or “reinstall the software.” MR Systems has found it to be a pleasure working with Ignition, and the company is hard at work selling additional jobs using the software.

End User Description
ARJWS is a partnership of rural and municipal water districts devoted to providing a high-quality, clean, safe, reliable, economical flow of treated water to its wholesale customers in Anderson and Pickens counties in South Carolina. ARJWS is a primary source of all the drinking water for the Clemson area of the state. The system uses the latest technology, such as a recently added ozone disinfection system, to produce award-winning water.
Integrator Description
MR Systems has been a premier systems integrator for the past 25 years, serving the Southeast region of the country. MR is a complete facility, from designing and manufacturing its own PLC panels in-house, to complete integration services. The company specializes in remote telemetry systems via radio communications, as well as entire water/wastewater treatment facilities. From integration services to extensive field service capabilities, MR’s goal is always to provide the customer with more than they ever imagined was possible.
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MR Systems
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MR Systems
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Anderson Regional Joint Water System
customer project Energy

Turning Landfill Gas Into Clean Energy With Ignition Perspective

Operations run 24/7/365. This requires around-the-clock monitoring, control, security, and notification, in addition to the ability to interact with the system at any given time.

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customer project

New Capabilities in Medical Sterilization

Steritec Automation created its Sterilizer Control System to control, monitor, and document multiple simultaneous instances of the ethylene oxide sterilization process and all ancillary facility resources.

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customer project Water/Wastewater

Replacing Five SCADA Systems with One

The Utility Department for Fort Smith, Arkansas, provides water and sewer service to a population of approximately 150,000 within the city limits and in the greater Fort Smith area, either directly from Fort Smith’s systems or indirectly through Fort Smith’s wholesale customers.

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customer project Pharmaceuticals

MES for a Top Pharma Factory in El Salvador

This project involved the implementation of a manufacturing execution system (MES) in the Salvadoran pharmaceutical industry. The project was for Gamma Laboratories, one of the top 10 pharmaceutical factories in El Salvador. Gamma has more than 280 employees.

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customer project Mining

Artificial Intelligence Drives Innovative Automation

ANDRITZ used Ignition to create a platform for training an artificial intelligence (AI) controller to run an industrial plant. The company built a software application in Ignition that integrates process simulation software and machine learning components.

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customer project Manufacturing

One System Replaces Many While Also Improving Mobility

ATA used Ignition to create a project that serves as an HMI, SCADA, and MES tool for Limex, touching on multiple levels of the automation pyramid. The machine interface was previously done with Ignition’s mobile module, and is currently running on the new Ignition Perspective.

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