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Ignition® Certification Tests

Earn Your Ignition Certifications with Core and Gold Tests

If you’re already proficient using Ignition or you are unable to attend a training course, our Core and Gold Certification tests are a great option for becoming Ignition certified.

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Core Certification Test

$350 USD

The Core Certification test is an online, auto-graded exam hosted by a secure test-taking platform. It covers the basics of Ignition: architecture, realtime status and control, historical data logging, UDTs and templates, and alarming.

Purchasing a Core Certification test includes one attempt to pass. Tests must be completed within 30 days of the date of purchase. Purchases made online will be assigned to the person logged in while purchasing (you). A functioning webcam is required to take this test. Your webcam will be verified when you begin each section of the test. Issues with your webcam or its inability to see you taking the test may result in your test session being invalidated and require you to take the test again.

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Gold Certification Test

$500 USD

The Gold Certification test is a manually graded exam that includes questions and prompts for practical application using a provided Ignition Gateway backup. It covers advanced usage of Ignition and focuses on interaction with the database and scripting. Core Certification is required before taking a Gold Certification test.

Email Account Services or call Sales at 1-800-266-7798 to purchase a Gold test.

Gold Certification tests must be completed and submitted to us within 6 months of the date of purchase. Gold tests include one free retake. If you've completed your Gold Test and are ready to have it graded, you can upload it at the link below.

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