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The Plant Floor in Your Pocket

Bring new levels of visualization and accessibility to your industrial processes with the Ignition Perspective Module. Easily build full-fledged, mobile industrial applications in HTML5 for the monitoring and control of your process directly from your mobile phone. Whether for SCADA, HMI, or another purpose, the applications you build in Perspective will look beautiful, and run natively in any major browser.

Mobile Plant floor in your pocket rotating perspective cube
Alex Marcy

“The Perspective Module opens up the power of the web and finally gets industrial automation systems up to the level of the rest of the world. Whereas before, everyone was fighting just to get into 2009, Perspective finally takes industrial automation to 2019 and sets it up for growth from there.”

– Alex Marcy

Corso Systems

Major Features

Ignition Perspective Responds to You

Ignition Perspective is totally mobile-responsive. It automatically adapts to fit screens of any size, giving you a personalized view into your unique processes, optimized for whatever device you’re using.

Design for Any Size of Screens

Streamline your development process with robust design components and features that enable you to design for mobile, desktop, and display screens all at the same time. With new mobile-optimized container types, you can easily customize the user experience in the Ignition Designer with a simple selection.

Real Control, With a Swipe

Ignition Perspective puts your plant operations at your fingertips. Visualize, monitor, and control systems with ease on your phone or tablet. See your whole system at a glance, and control your processes with intuitive touch commands. Experience complete, instantaneous plant-floor control with Perspective’s bi-directional data binding.

Add the Magic of Mobile to Your Applications

Harness the full power of your mobile device’s GPS, accelerometer, camera, barcode scanner, touch gestures, and other sensors to create the next generation of smart industrial applications. With Perspective, you can add the ability in your project to take photos of a faulty machine, easily scan a QR code into your SCADA system, tag readings in the field with GPS, pinch and zoom around a map of your site, and much more. Perspective unlocks the power of your mobile phone to open up a new world of possibilities for your industrial applications.

Unlimited Accessibility

Ignition Perspective runs on any device with a browser, including phones, tablets, laptops, desktops, and TV screens. Deployment has never been easier — you can deploy an unlimited number of Ignition Perspective clients from any location with a single click. You can even send secure web links to your application that anyone can view in a web browser. Perspective is compatible with Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Microsoft Edge, fully HTML5 and CSS3 compliant, and does not require Java installation or plug-ins.

Simple safe Identity Management Simple safe Identity Management

Secure Systems with Cutting-Edge Protocols

Ignition Perspective was built from the ground up with modern cybersecurity protocols at the forefront of development. It supports industry-leading encryption protocols, and is compatible with today’s federated identity infrastructure. Its new permissions model enables role-based security for complete system protection.

Easily Configure Components with Message Handling

Build robust systems with ease by leveraging message handling, a system that allows components to receive messages directly from one another. This makes it easier than ever to create strong, flexible, and complex connections between components, and requires less code.

“Smartphones have overtaken traditional computers as the dominant type of computing device in the world. To keep up, industrial applications of the future must be mobile, and Perspective makes it easy to build mobile-responsive industrial applications today.”

– Carl Gould

Co-Director of Software Engineering, Inductive Automation

More Features

Do Even More with the Ignition Perspective Module

Leverage CSS3 for Cross-Project Styling

Use strong and flexible CSS3 styles to change the appearance or position of anything in your application, and enable changes throughout the entire system. With Perspective, creating consistent styles across large projects is simple and fast.

Transform Your Data With More Powerful Data Binding

The powerful Transform feature makes property bindings more flexible by allowing users to transform an input value as a different type of output value; improving data binding for a variety of situations such as mapping, scripting, expressions, formatting and more.

Instantly Update Your Applications

Data is delivered directly to a Perspective application over a persistent communications channel so that any visualization or tag changes show up instantly in your application.

Easy to Learn

Built for optimal effectiveness and easy adoption, Perspective’s design environment is intuitive and easy to use. Buttons, charts, displays, and graphics take on current SCADA sensibilities with additional mobile capabilities enabled right in the design environment.

Use Any Major OS — Even iOS and Android

Ignition Perspective clients can run on any major OS and run natively on iOS and Android with the Ignition Perspective App.

One Universal Platform

Perspective runs on Ignition’s universal platform and works seamlessly with all Ignition modules including Vision, Alarming, Reporting, and more. You can easily build any kind of industrial application and deploy it anywhere, all with one platform.

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