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Quickly and Easily Create Rich,
Dynamic PDF Reports

Now it’s easier than ever to make and distribute dynamic, professional reports in Ignition. The Ignition Reporting Module is a standalone reporting solution that simplifies and enhances the reporting process from beginning to end. Generate reports from existing files or create them from scratch. Pull data from a variety of sources, and design reports with a simple-to-use interface. Add charts, graphs, tables, crosstabs, shapes, and other components for visual impact. Save your reports in PDF, HTML, CSV, and RTF file formats, and set up automatic scheduling and delivery.

Use all of these powerful capabilities to quickly create many common types of reports such as production management, efficiency monitoring, downtime tracking, SPC, QA, OEE management, and historical data analysis.

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Select Data from Many Sources

The Reporting Module makes it easy to define the data behind your reports. Specify any number of report parameters and data sources in your reports. Access information from any SQL database. Also, you can easily query data from Ignition’s tag historian and event data from the alarm journal.

Design Reports with an Easy-to-Use Interface

Design your reports easily inside Ignition’s Designer application. The interface is far more user-friendly than those of other reporting software, because it enables you to design reports with the same intuitive feel and rapid application development tools that you get when designing applications in Ignition. This allows you to design your reports using the drag-and-drop method.

Schedule Reports to Run Automatically

The Reporting Module allows you to schedule reports within the Ignition Gateway. You can schedule a report to run on a regular basis; for example, on every Monday at 5:00 p.m. Then, your report will run as scheduled whether or not any Ignition clients are open.

You also have the option to set up triggered execution, which means that reports run on-demand when triggered by an event such as a tag change, a shift change, the finish of a production run, etc.

Print, Send, or Save Automatically

Scheduled reports can be automatically delivered in many ways: print, email, save to a file server, upload to an FTP server, or use scripting to customize the method of delivery. Have your reports distributed in the way you want, every time, automatically.

Powerful Query Tools

The Reporting Module has a powerful drag-and-drop query interface that allows you to build complex SQL queries easily. The new query structure allows you to create complex nesting which can correlate relational data and process-historian data in a seamless fashion.

Additional Features

Some additional features of the Reporting Module include a powerful report pagination engine, backwards-compatibility for reports created in previous Ignition versions, a new preview mode, and more.

Powered by Ignition

Because the Reporting Module is built on the power of Ignition, it shares the same advantages, such as cross-platform compatibility, unlimited free clients, robust out-of-the-box SQL database support, and fast installation. Leveraging the full power of Ignition, it is a reporting tool unlike any other in the SCADA software market.

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