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Manage SCADA Alarm Notifications
Any Way You Choose

Build an advanced alarming system that fits the needs of your operation with the Ignition Alarm Notification Module, SMS Notification Module, and the Voice Notification Module to send, receive and acknowledge alarm notifications via email, text message or a phone call.

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By using a simple drag-and-drop interface, you can build various types of alarm notification logic, including: delay, escalation, consolidation, and selection

Alarm Notification Pipelines

Configure alarm notifications to go to whoever you want, whenever you want, for whatever reason you want. Pipelines control what happens between when an alarm goes active and when it is sent out to personnel. Any alarm scenario is easy to set up with the module’s drag-and-drop interface which lets you build a variety of custom alarm notification pipelines, including: consolidation, delay, selection and escalation.

  • Consolidation: Combine multiple alarms into a digested message.
  • Delay: Hold off on sending notifications until they require attention.
  • Selection: Distribute different alarms to different groups of contacts.
  • Escalation: Send higher priority alarms to a different contact or group.

More Control for Notifications

Using this module, you’ll have more control over who should be notified of an alarm and when. Users can be organized by roles into call rosters. When an alarm notification is sent, it goes to those on a designated call roster. The system then evaluates each user’s schedule so that only those who are currently on shift will be notified.

Edit Call Rosters in Real Time

Using the rosters, you can change schedules, assign roles and specify who should be notified when alarms pass through different notification blocks in the pipelines. Control the roster via permission roles and let individuals edit their own information on-the-fly to account for irregular time away from work so the alarm can skip over them and be routed quickly to an available person.

Send & Acknowledge Alarms Via 2-Way Email

The Alarm Notification Module allows you to set up your system to allow users to receive and acknowledge alarm notifications by email (this action requires a SMTP server).

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