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Add Phone Calls to Your Alarming System

Ensure no serious issue is overlooked by speeding alarm notification delivery to the right people as soon as possible. The Ignition Voice Notification Module uses state-of-the-art text-to-speech technology to add phone-call notification to your alarming / alerting process. Add text alerts with the SMS Notification Module for even more options.

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Notifications Via a Phone Call

Set up voice notification for alarms in Ignition with the Voice Notification Module. Use text-to-speech (TTS) technology to notify users of an alarm via a phone call and to allow users to acknowledge it with a simple code. It supports alarm notifications in English, Spanish, French and Italian. The VoIP-over-SIP voice notification system can be tied in with a VoIP phone system or online VoIP service, or bridged to a standard phone line using an existing phone gateway.

This module requires the Alarm Notification Module and some SIP-compatible VoIP service, such as your office VoIP server, Skype Connect or an IP Telephony Gateway appliance* to bridge to a standard phone line (not included).

*Examples of an IP Telephony Gateway appliance are: Atcom IP02/IP04 (the number indicates the phone lines, Ignition can only use 1 line at a time), Grandstream HT-503, GXW410x (It is the FXO port that connects to the phone line).

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