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A New Way to Buy Industrial Automation Software

Some industrial automation software companies still charge for every client and every tag, but Ignition® is different because it’s unlimited.

Ignition is sold by the server: one license gives you an unlimited number of clients, tags, and connections so you can build the exact system you need. Get your whole company connected for a fraction of what some other solutions cost, and put those savings back towards development, manpower, and expansion.

Unlimited Clients

With unlimited run-time clients at no additional cost, you can get your important data and analytics to your entire team, across your whole company.

“Using the ‘infinite clients’ Ignition feature, we could create new clients without spending any additional money.”

– Alexis Nazareno Chialvo


Unlimited Tags

Ignition allows you to create and use as many tags as you need for devices, OPC servers, and anything else, without limits.

“There are no licensing limits on screens, no licensing limits on tags. That’s a wow moment.”

– Chris VanRemoortel

Bixby International

Unlimited Connections

Using open technologies like OPC UA and SQL, Ignition easily connects to practically any PLC, database, device, and enterprise system so you can get your whole enterprise connected.

“Having unlimited tags, clients, developer seats, and devices makes Ignition the ideal platform to start any IIoT project.”

– Arlen Nipper, Co-Inventor of MQTT

Cirrus Link Solutions

Unlimited Designers

You can get your whole team developing projects in Ignition, even at the same time, without paying for extra designers.

"The versatility of unlimited projects gives us the ability to do more than just SCADA … we have unprecedented access to our data."

– Jason Hamlin

Plant Instrument Technician

Screens courtesy of Brown Engineers

Unlimited Scalability

Ignition grows along with your company, so you can buy one license to connect your entire facility, or multiple licenses to connect multiple facilities.

System Performance

Ignition’s unlimited licensing model has no limits but the hardware you run it on does, and a server can get overloaded if you push it too hard. Fortunately Ignition software is streamlined for optimum performance and it can be set up in a variety of architectures to accommodate large, multiple-server systems.

See which architectures work for you

“Ignition just removes all your limits … Remove all your limits and just look at all this data we can collect.”

– Cody Warren

Tamaki Control

Tamaki Control provided unlimited history and expandability for a dairy’s SCADA system.

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