The Industrial Internet of Things:
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Ignition IIoT combines the amazing development power, affordability, and scalability of the Ignition industrial application platform with the incredible efficiency of MQTT.

Ignition + MQTT

Make Your Data More Available, Powerful, and Efficient

Data is vital to good decision-making but in many industrial organizations today huge amounts of data are stranded in data silos and inaccessible to those that need it. Ignition IIoT solves this problem by leveraging the amazing efficiency of the MQTT data transfer protocol to decouple intelligent devices from applications, creating one streamlined data pipeline. The Ignition IIoT solution leverages MQTT to easily push data from thousands of devices across numerous sites to one central location for both industrial and business application to access. Get your valuable data into the hands of the people who need it more efficiently than ever before with Ignition IIoT.

Make all your data from multiple devices and locations instantly accessible to your entire enterprise with Ignition IIoT.

Benefits of Ignition IIoT:

Built on the Power of the Ignition Platform

Put your IIoT data to work today with Ignition’s full-featured development tools for HMI and SCADA applications.

Unlimited Licensing, Unlimited Possibilities

Realize the full potential of IIoT with unlimited clients, tags, connections, and devices, to scale to a system of any size.

Streamline Your Data Pipeline

Create one efficient data pipeline for all your IIoT data, no matter what type of data or device it is.

Increased Data Availability

Make all your IIoT data available to industrial and business applications through a highly efficient pub/sub architecture.

Improve Data Throughput & Efficiencies

Poll more quickly and efficiently by sending only changed data from the edge of the network.

Create Data Tags Instantly

No more tedious tag entry - live tags are instantly learned and created upon connection.

End-to-End IIoT Solution

Ignition can live on your local site, in the cloud, and on field devices, connecting everything into one unified IIoT solution.

Ignition IIoT Architectures

Private On-Premise, Cloud, and Hybrid Solutions

Adding the Cirrus Link MQTT Modules for Ignition to the universal Ignition platform empowers companies to set up their own IIoT solution on a secure MQTT Message-Oriented Middleware (MOM) infrastructure. The architecture of Ignition IIoT is flexible: you can set it up in the Cloud, on a private on-premise network, or a hybrid of both.

Ignition IIoT Architecture

Cloud-Based Redundant MQTT Server Solution

Private On-Premise Network Solution

Hybrid On-Premise & Cloud-Based Solution

Cloud-Based MQTT Server Diagram
On-Premise Private MQTT Network Diagram
Hybrid On-Premise & Cloud-Based MQTT Diagram
All Ignition IIoT architectures have four elements in common:

1. Edge Gateways or MQTT Enabled Devices: Securely transmit and receive data from edge-of-network devices directly, via the MQTT Transmission Module, Ignition Edge, or through an edge gateway (sold separately)
2. An MQTT Server: Enables MQTT clients for both operational and business applications to securely connect, publish, and subscribe to data from edge gateways. The Cirrus Link Chariot MQTT Server is one of many MQTT servers available for end users.
3. The Ignition MQTT Engine Module:
Gives Ignition the ability to bidirectionally communicate with an MQTT server
4. The Ignition Platform: The universal industrial application platform for HMI, SCADA and IIoT software applications

Ignition: The Universal Industrial Application Platform

IIoT Data and Powerful SCADA on One Integrated Platform

Ignition is the only IIoT platform with full-featured SCADA functionalities built right in. Ignition’s cross-platform compatibility and flexible modular configurability make it the world’s first truly universal industrial application platform. Ignition empowers you to connect IIoT data across your entire enterprise, launch clients to any device equipped with a web browser, rapidly develop automated systems, and scale in any way you need, without limits.

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Cirrus Link MQTT Modules For Ignition

Create an Efficient & Secure IIoT Data Pipeline Through MQTT

The Cirrus Link MQTT Engine Module and MQTT Distributor Module for Ignition add the functionality to the Ignition platform to bidirectionally communicate with edge-of-network devices securely via an MQTT server to publish and subscribe IIoT data throughout the enterprise. Adding these modules to the Ignition platform empowers organizations to create one streamlined pipeline for all IIoT data, increasing throughput and efficiencies of data acquisition.

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Ignition Edge MQTT

Extend Ignition to the Edge of Your Network

Ignition Edge by Inductive Automation is a line of lightweight, limited, low-cost Ignition products designed specifically for embedding into field and OEM devices at the edge of the network. With Ignition Edge MQTT by Cirrus Link, you can turn virtually any field device into a lightweight, MQTT-enabled edge gateway that works seamlessly with Ignition IIoT.

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