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Price: $800 USD


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Publish Field-Device Data Through MQTT

Ignition Edge MQTT by Cirrus Link turns virtually any field device, such as a touch panel or a client terminal, into a lightweight, MQTT-enabled edge gateway that works seamlessly with Ignition IIoT and other common IIoT platforms.

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Transmit Data Through MQTT

Ignition Edge MQTT uses the highly efficient MQTT protocol to transmit data to any MQTT broker and supports the Sparkplug data-encoding specification. MQTT is a proven, OASIS-standard data transfer protocol that is quickly becoming the leading messaging protocol for the IIoT.

Works as Part of an End-to-End IIoT Solution

Ignition Edge works great as a standalone edge gateway that can send device data from the field to an MQTT broker. However, when combined with Ignition IIoT, Edge MQTT seamlessly becomes part of a true end-to-end IIoT solution that can capture data from the field, distribute data through MQTT’s publish-and-subscribe methodology, and build and deploy industrial applications throughout the enterprise, all on one platform.

Access Data from PLCs & OPC-UA Servers

For easy PLC connections, Ignition Edge solutions come with unlimited tags and are equipped with OPC UA along with Modbus, TCP, and Siemens drivers, and the Allen-Bradley suite of drivers. Other drivers supported by Ignition, such as DNP3 and Modbus RTU, can be added onto Ignition Edge solutions for an additional cost.

Totally Cross-Platform

Ignition Edge works seamlessly with Ignition1 and on Linux, any version of Windows, on macOS, and more, so you can install it on virtually any industrial device2. With support for ARM processors, Ignition Edge can also run on the latest generation of efficient edge-of-network devices.

Mix and Match with Other Ignition Edge Solutions

Use Ignition Edge Panel3, Enterprise4, or MQTT on a single device, or mix and match them to create powerful solutions tailored to your needs.

Designed by the MQTT Experts

Edge MQTT is made and supported by Cirrus Link Solutions , a strategic third-party module partner of Inductive Automation with years of experience developing top-quality MQTT solutions. Using their vast knowledge of MQTT, Cirrus Link designed Edge MQTT to be an ideal solution for transmitting MQTT data from the edge of the network.

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