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Industry Article / June 6, 2024

Automation Ladies Podcast: A Data Driven World with Phil Seboa (Linkedin Live)

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Industry Article / June 4, 2024

Programming a PLC to be a Game Console

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Industry Article / May 30, 2024

SCADA Is Changing The Game

Transformed by pandemic needs, today’s SCADA systems have become a gateway to a new level of system monitoring, control, and/or maintenance/reliability.

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Industry Article / May 28, 2024

Inductive Automation’s Jason Waits on Building Scalable Security Programs Through Automation

Podcast: Detection At Scale

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Industry Article / April 30, 2024

From Farm to Freezer

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Industry Article / April 17, 2024

EskomSePush Ignition Integration

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Industry Article / April 9, 2024

Case Study: Designing Goodnight Midstream’s Gateway Architecture: From Wonderware to Ignition

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Industry Article / April 4, 2024

Proving the Reliability of Cloud-Based Control

Like many engineers, we had reservations about cloud-based control systems. We’ve since learned that, for processes that are not safety related or require millisecond scan times, cloud-based control is highly effective and can cost significantly less.

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Industry Article / March 14, 2024

Mid-market CISO In Industrial Automation: 'Here's Why We Chose 1Password'

It’s imperative that organizations choose the right vendor and products for their security needs

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Industry Article / Feb. 5, 2024

Wireless gives power plant operators room to roam

Lucky Peak’s tablet PCs implement Phoenix Contact’s implement secure WLAN radios at its hydropower facility

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