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Industry Article / June 19, 2023

The Ignition Advantage: A Modern Approach to SCADA Systems

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Industry Article / June 14, 2023

Ignition SCADA Software: What are Tags and How are They Used?

An introduction to the various tag types used within one of the leading supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) software powering IIoT, HMI, and I4.0 applications: Ignition by Inductive Automation.

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Industry Article / June 14, 2023

Food Giant 'Expedites' Quality Control Upgrade

New labeling equipment and connecting to its SCADA platform add critical data monitoring to packaging lines, avoiding recalls and reputational harm.

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Industry Article / May 31, 2023

Inductive Automation leverages runZero to discover over 50% more assets than what they had previously

With thousands of global companies depending on Ignition every day, Inductive Automation felt compelled to strengthen their security program and close security coverage gaps with the aim of decreasing third party risk to their customers.

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Industry Article / May 26, 2023

How Inductive Automation’s endpoint security strategy makes manufacturing more secure

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Industry Article / May 4, 2023

How Industrial Companies are Using the Cloud to Modernize

The ability to aggregate and analyze operations and IT data in the cloud provides next-level insights set to elevate asset performance, boost product quality, and ensure proactive maintenance.

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Industry Article / April 26, 2023

Enterprise SCADA Systems Deliver Data Wherever It’s Needed

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Industry Article / Feb. 23, 2023

Improving asset, materials management with ERP system

A materials science company contracted a system integrator to help them develop and implement enterprise resource planning (ERP) system as well as a manufacturing execution system (MES) that could work together and improve operations.

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Industry Article / Feb. 6, 2023

Integrate SCADA and Business Systems with Scripting Tools

How the scripting libraries in Inductive Automation’s Ignition software make it easier to test functions and audit code to ensure standards compliance and make it easier to review and reuse code.

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Industry Article / Dec. 12, 2022

Web-Based HMI Proves Ready for Industrial Use

With Inductive Automation’s Perspective module, companies can have access to all the web-functionality tools they want while also linking to legacy systems.

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